Produce intuitive, with pleasure!

Produce intuitive, with pleasure!

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 black (Electronics)

Customer Review

I am a newbie in terms of music production have started with Frooty loops and made my first beats from loops.
That was 1 month ago

Then when I got gradually wanting more I thought about a MIDI keyboard with drum pad to buy. I had advised me and I was the Maschine Mikro shown. Software (without any stupid restrictions) and a 3GB large, extremely usable sound libary included! 330 should cost the milled aluminum instrument.

Directly when I came home, the software and the Sound package is installed, and then I worked my a firstonce. After about 10 hours, I had my first song and knew how and where I need to press anything. The Bedinung already felt in the first hours of extremely intuitive to create a real treat music.
After a few hours training time I needed the mouse only to touch every half hour, later no longer.
The experience with the machine and the associated software to produce something is worlds than to work with a mouse and keyboard on the other. And since man can use it as a very functional MIDI keyboard I have now all I need to durchzustarten.
And that for 330. bargains? I do not know. But a good deal, it is all.

Native really geleistestet an extremely good job with the machine micro, even true appearance.
Fun and quality are> guarantees

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