Product Test teapot Tealounge

Product Test teapot Tealounge

Teapot Tealounge System K-fee-15-357 HGSIL-EU 28-0 Starter Set Brilliant, silver (household goods)

Customer Review

Product Test TeekanneTealounge
By consumption goddesses I could test the new Tealounge machine. Here is my report.
The machine came with a very detailed and an additional quick start guide, a test box with 20 caps and a water filter and a cleaning kit. They are available in four different colors, red, black, white and stainless steel. Our stainless steel is, unfortunately not my case, but this does not affect the functionality of the machine itself.

For machine: She is slim, looks very stylish and has the typical design of the company Kfee. This is in appearance also eroding machine from Aldi similar. For the preparation of various teas (black, green, herbal, fruit, Chai) are available on the machine differently colored buttons that correspond to the colors of capsules.

The brew tea is very simple: the machine turn on, everything flashes. Once the stops insinuate glass or cup and once press the flush button, wait for rinsing and then off you go. Insert capsule insinuate cup or glass, push button and off you go. In a very short time a taste very good tea is ready. If the tea too strong fall, which was the case when black with me, then you can add by pressing the flush button still water. Especially delicious I found the fruit teas and Ginger Sprizz and the green peach tea.

Negatives: The problem of waste piles by the capsules I want to let the outside in front here. What I did not like it so the following points:
1. Blanch After tea and remove cup is still some liquid in the capsule. This falls to open the closing cover in a container, from there running the fluid forward. Since we do not have so little cups that fit under the supplied cup stand, stand our tea glasses and cups always in the broth and the cleaning of the parts is a bit cumbersome. This can Tassimo better.
2. The water tank is relatively small. Need to refill water you pfriemeln him out of the machine, which is not exactly easy. In our Tassimo you can remove from above him easily. Unfortunately, there is no message, when the water is empty.
3. There are currently no capsules in normal supermarkets to buy, only in some media markets and online, where then again incurred shipping.
4. The capsules are relatively expensive. Likewise also the accessories for water softening and purification equipment.
5. When the starter though 20 capsules are included, but only 10 different teas, which I personally found bad. Teapot offers over 20 different teas, because it would have been nice if that would have been in the starter box.

Nevertheless, the machine is a good alternative for the cup of tea in between or for a Teetafel with different Teewünschen. Is more of a variety of tea drinking is still the good old teapot and brew the method of choice.

I was pleased to be able to test and will certainly also from time to time to prepare some of the delicious varieties.

works just fine 1 Rank: 5/5
January 28
Hammer !! 83 Rank: 5/5
December 12
Back because improper Rank: 1/5
December 15
Too frail 49 Rank: 1/5
March 29

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