Proven good camera on the go - touch operation improvement

Proven good camera on the go - touch operation improvement

Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, Full HD, Live View) Kit includes the EF-S 18-135mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM (Electronics)

Customer Review

Although the 700D as a successor to the 650D has a few new features, no question was to buy the 700D and not 650D for it for me because I'm assuming that there are a lot of small improvements and bug fixes in detail that do not explicitly by Canon are known.

I had an EOS 50D with 17-85mm lens previously as principal. The higher weight and size as well as the often necessary change of the lens are the main disadvantages of the move, who sometimes made me decide to drop the camera quite at home. As a medium-ambitious amateur photographer, the EOS 700D, however, should suffice perfectly together with the above-mentioned lens with a larger zoom range. The offer to be able to enter the old camera at my local dealer in payment (not cheap, but easy!), Has led me to the camera is not to be ordered through Amazon. Neither the battery nor the memory card I could take over from the 50D, otherwise in my case, most of the accessories (filters, lenses, etc.) continue to be used.

The processing and the material of the camera are very high. The large vari-angle display can be seen quite well even in direct sunlight. On delivery can not be faulted - obtained separately in the appropriate size to the memory card that you, and more that you need to start.

As a smartphone user, I was particularly excited about the touch operation. That is to say that the touch operation due to the device size or -weight of course is not as easy as with a smartphone. In particular, the one-handed operation is not possible. The response to touch inputs is not to complain about - any touch input is detected easily. Most of the controls are large enough. Is unusual that you have to unlock the touch controls on the Settings screen only. The controls (widgets) are not consistently simple to operate. While the shutter speed setting, including Legend scale is shifted and can thus be very easily adjusted, for example, will be moved in the exposure of the position line itself. Since this appears under your finger, succeeds barely set a specific value. But there are still +/- buttons or the physical buttons as an alternative to moving the slider. The trend to reduce the knobs and replace them with appropriate context sensitive menus or buttons on the touch screen was not always implemented consistently. For example, there no delete action on the screen, so that must be avoided to the physical button. Some actions could be made context sensitive is available, but only with difficulty through the menu accessible (eg rotate an image). Animation effects are minimal, and the few that exist (eg when swiping between the recorded images) are rather poorly implemented compared to what we know of smartphones ago. In summary, I consider the touch controls on the EOS 700D a remarkable added value, but there is definitely still room for improvement in detail.

Although I do not use the included software, I find it commendable that Canon supplies the software for Mac OS X. Who makes RAW photographs and the camera on the Mac with iPhoto or Aperture used, should wait, better still, because even the RAW format of the 700D in OS X is not supported. Although RAW photos can be imported, but will not be displayed.
[Update 01.06.2013]: Apple has today delivered a RAW Compatibility Update (Version 4:06) through the Mac App Store, which will subsequently supply the lack of support. I can already test it, and all RAW photos will now appear as expected.

The above STM lens is in my opinion recommendable because of usability for video, the zoom range and the low weight as Always-top lens on the go. The focus is very fast and inaudible. For shooting under less light, such as indoors, a stronger light lens should be used. With the quality of the lens I have been very satisfied.

In summary, promises the switch to the EOS 700D some new features including HDR, Video, a vari-angle display with touch controls at the same or even better image quality and lower weight than the 50D. The new features have been revealed to me very quickly and intuitively, and with the image quality I am very satisfied. As improvement I see the touch operation, even though this is basically already done quite well. Too bad that a camera of this size has no integrated GPS, but is sold only as bulky accessories expensive; This is difficult to understand, especially since today every smartphone has integrated GPS.

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