Psychohistory said, you'll love.

Psychohistory said, you'll love.

Cycle Foundation, Volume 1: Foundation (Paperback)

Customer Review

It takes 20 pages to return to the Foundation universe. 20 pages to fit the defect that critics of the genre can blame him a lot of new terms, based on "atomic" or "nuclear" for some truly innovative designs. Therefore a world so different from that we know. After this initial effort, it's gone and we never stops, even if one is not a fan of science fiction.

Hari Seldon is a brilliant mathematician. He founded psychohistory, or probabilistic analysis of socio-economic trends to predict the future. He saw that the Empire, which rules the galaxy for over 10 000 years, would collapse in the next few centuries. His plan is to limit the period of barbaric anarchy only 1,000 years, instead of the 30 planned 000 years. 1000 years is the time that should last the Foundation he had just created, ostensibly to write the Encyclopedia Galactica, identifying the knowledge of the universe. These 1000 years will be studded with tests for this new company, tests its planned and which are so many ways to advance the Foundation's history will remember as the Seldon crises.

I will not spoil the story further; just know that it is quality, as this volume as a whole: mastery of style, mastery of narrative, mastery of the scenario. For now, I am to 1 volume per day. We can say that it reads well, remains to be seen whether I'll overdose before the end of the cycle.

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January 26
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