Quick gelerntes but exciting until the final game of dice

Quick gelerntes but exciting until the final game of dice

Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)

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Goal of the game
In Qwixx is rolled and ticked. Here there is no waiting time for the other players, because everyone can share a throw of a player. The idea is to make crosses in colored rows of numbers. These range from 2 to 12. 12 to 2. If you have ticked in a row is a number, so you can make the left of it no longer cross. Who could so make the most of the cross on his Zählzettel wins the game.

The dice are placed ready, and each player gets a Zählzettel and a pen. Then a starting player is determined and go the game.

What is it about?
Who makes the most crosses on his Zählzettel wins. For this, each player has a note with four rows of numbers in front of him. The number of red and yellow goes from 2 to 12, the number of green and blue 12-2 In the first phase, all players can make according to the dice roll a cross on the list if you want.
In the second phase, only the active player may make a cross if he wants. Crosses may be but always made just right of the last cross. All numbers that are left of a cross, are lost.

Example: a player makes his first cross in the red 5, so he may not mark the 4, 3 and 2 in this game. So you have to think carefully about how many numbers to leave out.

The first player rolls all six dice. Now come two phases, which must be performed in sequence.

1st phase - all can use the cube number
The eyes of the two white dice are added up and communicated to the other players loud. Now, each player can decide whether he wants to make a cross.
As described above, it is important not to leave any gaps arise in large, because it is worked from left to right and what is left of a cross, is a loser.

Phase 2 - Only the active player may use the cube number
In the second phase, only the active player is active. Here it can add up any white cube with a colored cubes and make a corresponding cross in the line of the cube color.

Example: The active player takes the white and 2 red 3 and makes the red line on the 5 a cross.

Misses and Gambling
Power the active player but in none of the two phases a cross, so he has to do "misses", each of which earns him 5 minuses a cross in the box.
If a player has four of these misses, the game ends. Likewise, the game ends when two rows have been completed.

Complete a row
A player may enter into a series, if he did it at least 5 crosses. A player who completes a series may, provided the lock icon of the series concluded with a cross.
This also counts as a cross to the final classification to. The corresponding colored cube is then removed from the game. Were two rows completed by the players, the game ends.

If the game ends, so it comes to the vote. The players count the crosses together in each colored row and write the corresponding points on.
A table to be found at the bottom of the list. Finally, the penalty points are deducted by the misses of the outcome.
Whoever has the most points wins the game.

Small Conclusion
A quick-to-learn dice game that is fun and super to the end will be exciting.
Always you have to decide: Do I take the cube number or I wait for better?
As far as my opponents are already? I like that very well.

There are on this title on my YouTube channel "Mike's Gaming Net" a detailed explanation of the game as a video.

Absolutely fit to travel Rank: 5/5
January 17
10 cartridges for IP7250 Rank: 4/5
July 1
Game great! Implementation Poor! Rank: 2/5
September 23
very addictive 1 Rank: 4/5
February 5
He's the man; he, Cromwell Rank: 3/5
October 6
I recommend 119 Rank: 4/5
April 18

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