Quiet, very thorough - Quality costs nunmal something more

Quiet, very thorough - Quality costs nunmal something more

Philips RQ1250 / 21 SensoTouch Shaver Series 9000 Electric Wet and Dry Shaver (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Also I have to test the razor under a TRND.com product test extensively.

On the supplied content I will not go into further here that have other made enough in front of me and I will come to speak only on my impressions and experiences.

So my first impression when unpacking was rather sobering.
The shaver is in a transparent hard plastic shell between other white cardboard boxes in which the remaining accessories are stowed.
At first I just thought: Wow how cheap is because, there have not even necessary here to give Phillips because a little harder?
But ...
... I myself have often wondered why the manufacturer because so much money on something using elaborate and colorful to pack. Dear to stuff the money in the product as in the packaging, which you throw away anyway.
Exactly Phillips has done ... I think that's good!

After I therefore found the manual (I read something like this before actually :-)) I was also a little disillusioned.
The other side dishes are much more extensive than the actual manual in which exclusively pictographs can be seen.
Clear pictograms are the universal language that everyone understands, but a bit strange I thought it was ... anyway, for the pictograms were but clear.

Well, after the first charge of the unit, the first test:

Dry hair:
The unit fits comfortably in your hand, is not particularly difficult and also causes no vibration in the hand.
It is also extremely quiet (compared to my old unit with double shaving head).
It slides very smoothly over the skin and is also very thorough.
By individually mounted shaving heads it fits well to the unebeneren areas.
Only in places where it comes to straight cuts - as the lower edge of the sideburns - is a bit more complicated. There is a double shaving head has an advantage clearly.
There are, however, the fold-hair trimmer, which is so fine that you can use this to shave also.
Thus, the straight section takes a little longer and needs a handle more, but I think the dry shaving altogether much better than my old double shaving head.

A great advantage of the razor should be, which is given the possibility of wet shaving. Well let's see ...

Wet shave:
Since the unit is completely waterproof, you can thus also be easily shave in the shower - and all as the blade shaving with or without shaving.
However, I personally find the advantage in the wet shaving with foam rather low, because the shaving heads move the foam as quickly aside it for someone who shaves daily are probably not a problem, but I do not do every day, the whiskers of course something are longer and there is not enough to go only once with the razor over it and all Harre are removed.
And when repeated over it go is either announced or afterfoaming to make yet another "unintended dry shave".
Sure, that happens when shaving with a blade, but usually also creates in one go rid of all the hair.
When you shave under running water, however, I find that in turn very convenient because the skin is then also cooled or slightly moistened.

After shaving the then follows cleaning.

In the supplied cleaning station is unlike my old razor no cartridge with the cleaning fluid, but it is a kind of "drawer" which is filled with the supplied cleaning liquid and also can wash.
The shaver is used and by pressing a button, the razor moves down into the liquid and cleans itself.
Clear the costs in the long run then cleaning fluid, but think it should be worth it, because after all disinfected liquid and the razor and thereby the blades last longer.
But I rinse after each shave with warm water once fließendm the shaver briefly, to find out the coarse hair. This is also the cleaning solution is less dirty and can be a little better so that households :-)

The hair trimmer:
The Harr Trimmer is so fine that you can even have a shave with it (as mentioned above).
This refinement has the disadvantage that it takes a little longer for the hair (for example at the hairline), but the result is again very good.
Actually, I have not so much thick hair, but with the trimmer it sounds more as if the device is on the edge of its performance.
Is already louder than during normal shaving.
I can honestly say my self not bring a judgment with respect to the trimmer.
It works very well - because it is also very fine (I've cut myself with not - in my old double shaving head with a retractable trimmer came before!). On the other hand, it takes with it just a little longer ...
Hmm, OK, I guess I decide rather in favor, rather than one minute longer at the end, and for the better shaving result, right ?? :-)

I was very skeptical about this razor.
However, in a television report I had already seen a test that was a little too "PRO" Philips before, and at the relatively high price but then are brought out not just quickly such a razor.
But when I then get the device under TRND.com sent to test it I thought, show what you can - but probably I'll send you back anyway.
No way, I keep. The performance of the unit has convinced me fully.
Just because I'm it can theoretically do not constantly wet shave - and if you do that every day of the razor is really very great.
I am completely satisfied.
Via the subsequent costs you can argue, but I think, with my face I walk around every day and everyone sees it - that bit should I then have its value ...
I personally prefer to give out a little more and get this quality - that seems to be the case here.
Philips - I change my razor!

Not bad - but also not good Rank: 2/5
March 1
Best rapper in the game! Rank: 5/5
February 4
Notice after test Rank: 5/5
May 8
Super tough! 1 Rank: 5/5
October 8

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