Quite OK, but no miracle

Quite OK, but no miracle

High-precision gaming mouse with 4000 dpi of UtechSmart with 11 programmable buttons, Omron micro-switches, 5 stored profiles for PC - AVAGO ADNS-3050 chipset (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

The mouse is a replacement for my RAT 3 MadCatz which unfortunately had the shortest life of all my previous peripherals.

Well, for about 23 you have to make compromises here and there.

Packaging is ever quite an eye-catcher.
The mouse is made not sooo nice plastic, looks little like yogurt pots, however: it squeak or creak not, so I can live with it. The cable has that chic Stoffummantellung - beautiful.

The shape of the mouse is good and the lighting effects are a nice gimmick. I arrive at the 2 additional side buttons a little hard Ran (small hands) but then I had mice in which I often accidentally triggered the modifier keys.

The mouse is detected under Windows 8, with the additional software you can then define profiles for games, light intensity, color, Dopelgeschwindigkeit, sensor sensitivity etc etc.
The software I found easier to use than that of the Council. 3

I play often in bed and go with the mouse over the bed sheets. There mice which then so work not so precise that one time I traveled the crosshairs or cursor jumps. This mouse makes relatively rare such errors, similar to something like the Council 3, wesentlch better than my Acer mouse or the slightly older wireless mice from Microsoft and Logitech that I still hold in my drawer in reserve.

Conclusion, The mouse works well so far, but I know fancier and more comfortable mice (which will also cost more and may not reflect long life)

beautiful interpretation Rank: 5/5
June 18
A must for divers Rank: 5/5
April 28
commemtaires Rank: 3/5
February 6
Good case 34 Rank: 5/5
October 22

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