Quite well but compared to the Bose SoundLink mini short of expectations

Quite well but compared to the Bose SoundLink mini short of expectations

Grundig GSB 500 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)

Customer Review

The Grundig GSB 500 makes a good impression outwardly. Processing
is completely free of errors. The design is a matter of taste. Although me this
"Metro" look pretty good like, fall into this category but also weaknesses:
The two status LEDs act behind the front grille pinhole front right below a little out of place.
That may be because of the receipt of the unfussy exterior, but as soon as the
Lights somehow because by fighting in the operation, the clean effect is then anyway.
The gentle slope the machine threatens wegzukippen backwards. Against
helps here amateurish-sounding Kläppchen on the bottom side, which for stability after
can be turned back out. After all, the speaker stands with this solution then
relatively stable.

At the controls of the GSB to the minimum principle remains true. About the three buttons on the top
the volume can be regulated and the Bluetooth connection is set up, to enable or disable.
The unit is also switched off and on via the same button.
A speakerphone is examined the way in vain, therefore no microphone is installed.

For actually the most important, the sound, I am sorry to say that I'm a bit disappointed.
Because if one has heard time in an electronics market through its range of Bluetooth speakers, would have
given the size of the Grundig (22 x 13 x 5.5 cm and 1.3 kilograms!) expected more.
Too weak the bass to the treble and overall dull when approaching the maximum volume
to quickly distorted. Nor are there - despite the size - amazingly, on volume in sound.
The advertised "passive radiators" prove here once more rather than bow because as a feature.
An active woofer instead would certainly fit into the case.
Since the two built 2-way speakers radiate directly next to each other rigidly forward there due to design
also no real stereo effect.

Who on the other hand once the half as large Bose SoundLink belongs mini, will know what I
my. The argument of Grundig eventually would cost only 2/3 of Bose can here directly times
are turned around because of Bose sound - of course subjective - twice as good.
And whether one considers it significant or not: 90 to 100 Euro (as of 01/2015) are for
Offered too much, because the profit to nix that all comparable branded speakers
such as Logitech's Boombox, JBL's Charge or just Bose's are mini even more expensive.

The Bluetooth connection is established at the Grundig quickly and easily transfer over about 10
Meters with wide field of vision quite stable. This is however no advantage which can be expected.
As regards packaging and accessories may be times laughed. The device comes in lieblosesten
Packaging that I've ever seen for a multimedia device. Even the included AC adapter seems
to be due to the rigid cable and chunky plug part a red pencil victims. Hard to believe,
Grundig that for the whole of a stately MSRP 149.00 calls.

Battery life is good, I had the speakers via Bluetooth and with about 3/4 volume nearly six hours
without interfering in the operation. With audio cable (included) were nearly nine hours in there.
About the mounted on the rear panel USB port can additionally a smartphone or MP3 player
be powered with 0.5 ampere. Then, of course, the battery life is reduced accordingly.
In order to provide a tablet for a long time with the energy current of 0.5 amps other hand is too short so that the tablet battery connection despite continued discharges.

On the whole, I have to admit that in the face of the part really quite nasty scrap
in the market for Grundig in the category of up to 100 euros after all still a good, if not
even the best figure makes. Who but still 50 euros more has left, will get to hear much better.

One star deduction there's any case for the modest tone of the instrument.

Heavenly soft Rank: 5/5
December 14
Damage and painful Rank: 1/5
August 31
Alan 61 Rank: 5/5
June 19

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