The Clockwork Orange France - New expanded edition of the survey on insecurity shock (Paperback)

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"Nobody is supposed to ignore the reality of contemporary Hitlerism"

You wanted a perfect little manual of racist propaganda? On easy operation and attractive design? Concise, clear, djeun in the "move" (writing is so child)? To put all hands and accessible to children (especially given his stupidity)? You too want to shine as speaker of the National Front rallies? You want to convince all your friends, for fun, that there are inferior races? You want to play the villain Adolf with your children (as a small black mustache, it's so funny that a big red nose)? LOOK NO FURTHER! N 'HESITATE MORE! THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! It will teach you the 4 Golden Rules of Racist Propaganda in just 512 pages (we had not seen better since Joseph Goebbels and Julius Streicher).

RULE NUMBER 1: Be sure to choose one or more races and as composed or represent (s) almost exclusively sadistic brutes and idiots degenerate, in short, people who are evil in person. What? By choosing (or inventing no matter in this case, it's the principle that counts) various facts filled with heinous crimes and sordid rape, and always carefully reported to the races or you choose (s) ( do not forget to specify each news item heinous ethnic origin, except when it is a race that is not in your viewfinder, it is fundamental to the soft stuff). Remember to spread you complacently great detail the horror of acts and the suffering of the victims (if necessary read "detective" or "Der Stürmer", or replay "Jew Süss," it helps). Finally (and this is the crux of the operation), you will ensure good amalgamate shamefully forms of violence that have absolutely nothing to do with them (violence related to immigrants from very poor countries, violence related to the economic crisis, violence of religious fanaticism, youth violence in boiling blood, violence of the underworld, schizophrenic violence, violence of the little guy hash seller, traditional customs violence, violence of the "moment of madness" that can happen to anyone of us, of terrorist violence, fans violence, post-apartheid violence, violence South of the United State, etc) and always BRING YOUR RACE SUFFERING PAIN, in order to gradually poison the mind of the reader with the following three ideas: 1) "The perverse imagination of this breed in the crime has no limits!"; 2) "Whatever the environment, the time, place, culture, context, setting, they are always the same, they have it in their blood, it is not possible otherwise !!" ; 3) "The culture or their social, variable in time and space, so are there to give them opportunities to invent new ways of doing evil, new torture methods, new ideas of heinous crimes! Their hyper-violent biological background, meanwhile, does not change, that's for sure !!! "

Laurent Obertone chose blacks and Arabs (with a hint of Roma assimilated to Bulgarians and Romanians by Yugos amalagame with their country of origin, see pages 403 and 404). If you're anti-Semitic, choose the Jews (and invent rituals crimes or talk to Bernie Madoff). If you are anti-Asian, choose Yellow (and talk of Genghis Khan, Attila, Mao and Pol Pot). And if you're anti-cons, choose the Franks, Celts and Gauls who loved the book "La France Clockwork Orange" (And talking about the slave trade, slavery, colonial crimes, and the Gulag Shoah white specialties). Do not worry about the choice, all these races are perfectly interchangeable.

Admire the way like Laurent Obertone excels in that rule number 1, more exactly as it excels in varying and multiplying the picturesque examples: Black violates and tortures his victim, the Arab who grapeshot police, violating Arabic old, Arabic and torture that violates the handicapped, the Black and asserts that violates stabbing his victim, the Arab who beheads neighbor, the Arab who pulls the eyes of his wife with his bare hands, the 'Arab who gets angry and kills during Ramadan, which excises the Black daughters, blacks défenestrent that after a voodoo ritual Afro-Caribbean, black footballers and supporters who kill, black hooded teenagers who steal and beat up in a techno-parade, the Arab who darkens on a family car, the Arab who makes his disabled victim to life, anti-Semitic Black who tortures and kills his victim, schizo Arabic, Arabic who lost her child to the woman he beats, Arabic multirécidiviste (Samy Naceri), the Black multirécidiviste (Joey Starr) terrorist Arabic, the Arab gangs and gang blacks, the Arab who violates The Black kills a father violates wife and their child plunged into boiling water, American gang blacks, blacks who kill the Boer farmers in South Africa, which brings Black tropical diseases (plague, Dengue, Ebola, Chikungunya), the Black, Arab, Black, Arab, etc. Open the book to any page and you get nine chances to have Said Ahmed and Mokthar or Mamadou Djibril N'Gala and rapist being their victim and then cut it into rings before throwing in a cauldron of boiling oil exactly as if they were the demons of Hell!

RULE NUMBER 2: After sub-humanized, you déshumaniserez racial enemy a second way, the animalizing. Choose like Laurent Obertone aggressive animals, dangerous, possibly ugly and repulsive "dogs that bite good for euthanasia" (page 189), "hyenas", "lion", "rhino", "parasites", "harmful" "cockroaches", "vermin". Do not hesitate, if necessary, to tap into "MEIN Kampf", where you will find a huge arsenal of animal metaphors particularly beneficial: jackals, hornets, lice, ticks, rats, bacilli, germs, leeches, bugs, pests, spiders, worms, maggots, etc. These terms and zoological these bestial images are needed to "nail the coffin" in the minds of your listeners, that of the Holy Trinity: "Heredity / Inferiority / malignancy." For that says "animal" says: 1) "animal instinct, so range of behaviors inherited and limited, not educable, non convertible, non-reformable"; 2) "They are really primitive because as driven by animal instinct, which seeks only to satisfy basic needs (nutrition, reproduction, assault) where intelligence is absent or almost."; 3) "They are dangerous because such animals, they obey the laws of natural selection (over-reproduction and control of the territory and its resources), while we prefer the social selection or" morality and democracy that favor pests and the weak "(see Rule number 4).

Do not hesitate to also train you about people you know to learn gradually to harmonize, adapt and master the names of animals and birds in the direction of your speech. So if you know Laurent Obertone you can call: "Pork repressed and paranoid ass, sparrow brains, viper tongue, heart rabid wolf who would have done better to stay at the stage of amoeba rather than Australopithecus. ".

RULE NUMBER 3: Once it has demonized (gross sadistic predator / parasite / primitive Darwinian competitor) and made inferior (degenerate idiot and animal) the enemy race, it will definitively establish his dangerousness and his inferiority on organic bases, organic, fixed, hereditary and fatal, and with 'scientific' evidence. For this you will shamelessly use of GENETICS, Science-Reine on the subject to swallow all imaginable racist snakes. In the same way that genes transmit individuals with different physical and morphological and anatomical characteristics according to race, you will absolutely believe that it is the same intelligence and the ability to control his impulses. If in doubt, you can ask Obertone Laurent, who in addition to being a great journalist, is obviously a great geneticist.

In terms of racial dangerousness, you will leave smokers pseudo-theories Lombrose on criminal heredity (pages 144, 145 and 146), and according to which the excessive aggressiveness of criminals is purely innate and inherited, so end of the genes. Specify well as culture and education (the acquis) play no decisive role or as a trigger factor (damn the child abuse and insecurity!) Or as a remedy for innate aggressiveness (the devil reintegration!) . They can only temporarily mitigate the latter. The proof? A shot of alcohol and presto! Alcohol looking inhibitions related to education, some (the perpetrators) start killing a whole family (page 100) while others not. It is strong, as a demonstration, right? And as the perpetrators are mostly North Africans, Africans, gypsies ... we deduce that in these "races there," the genetic production reached born criminals industrial rhythms! Also deduced indirectly as alcohol shot! And presto! Laurent Obertone going to go run a ratonnade or pogrom. Everyone knows, as Obertone says (page 144, that all criminals (and therefore most blacks and Arabs saw the crime statistics so Obertone) have a smaller prefrontal cortex (part of the brain that inhibit impulses violent) than average. Everybody knows it except the scientists!

In terms of racial inferiority, please (pages 453, 454, 455) and all the racists did in the twentieth century (Stoddard, Murray and Herrnstein, Pearson, etc.), we out the old pseudo-scientific theory of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) racial and happily sailing the vessel amalgam against-truths-truths against: intelligence is mostly innate and inherited> IQ tests can the scientific assessment> IQ is low among workers> Why do you believe that most blacks and Arabs are workers in France? and among them there so few graduates?> With deindustrialization of France, that they can no longer steal and rob to survive, these half-monkeys (page 454)! And voila! We conclude that Obertone well, given his IQ, the descendant of his great-uncle collabo with reduced intelligence in Vichy.

RULE NUMBER 4: USE FOR DARWIN ENCOURAGE YOUR READERS OR YOUR LISTENERS TO "GO TO ACTION" !!! That vote FN or go beat up the representatives of these dirty races, those half-monkeys, these Neanderthals halfway between humanity and animality! For sure, you have convinced them that there are inferior races. Either. But they may well say, "After all, they are not so numerous nor that dangerous And watch over us Police Moreover, I do not have one in my neighborhood!.!" Annoying, right? Heu-reu-se-ment, there Darwin! Dar-win !! Now it is like a game: you take Darwin's texts and the words of "life form", "cash", "subspecies" and "varieties" with "human races". This is called "social Darwinism" and it's fun too! You can even play with your children. And it gives us behind the social conflict and these crimes is actually a biological warfare being played, a death struggle between us and them for control of the territory and its resources. "Them" is a cousin branch of ours on the ladder of evolution and outcome of the same primitive original stock, they are less sophisticated and more ape-like than us. We must destroy them or they destroy us. The problem is that "we" are more intelligent, more moral and more able to restrain our sadistic impulses. Our superiority is just our Achilles heel we avoid conflict and prefer democratic legality, which is to take us a shot in the foot. So that, even if we are more evolved, we risk losing the Darwinian battle. If, however, we replace the dirty democracy by a racist state, social selection by natural selection, legality by biology and morality by the law of the strongest, it will get better. Hurry !! Before being destroyed by all these cousins ​​monkeys and gorillas !! Because, for now, we have built a system that promotes these parasites. They take advantage of our moral low. Do as Obertone, say to defend yourself: "We're not all the same to sue Darwin (see page 450), this scientific luminary !!! ".

Finally, do not forget to choose your Darwinians extracts for the effect to be more "shock". For example, in THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES, we can take it, particularly eloquent (Chapter 3 "struggle for existence"): "But the fight is almost always much more fierce between individuals of the same species ; indeed, they frequent the same districts, looking for the same food, and are exposed to the same dangers. (') The species of the same genus have almost always, though there are many exceptions to this rule, habits and a nearly similar constitution; the struggle between these species is much more intense, if they are placed in competition with each other, that if this struggle began between species belonging to different genres. Recent expansion has taken in some parts of the United States, a kind of swallow that caused the extinction of another species, gives us an example of this. The development of drains brought in some parts of Scotland, the increasing scarcity of common thrush. How many times have we heard it said that a species of rat chased another species before it, under the most different climates! In Russia, the little cockroach from Asia has driven before it its great congener. In Australia, we have imported bees quickly exterminates the small native bee without sting. A species of mustard supplants another, and so on. "And Chapter 4:" Remember, in fact, that the keenest struggle usually occurs between the forms that are most similar to each other, as compared habits, constitution and structure. Accordingly, all the intermediate forms between the oldest and the newest shape, that is to say between the more or less sophisticated forms of the same species as well as species strain itself, usually tend to go off. This is probably true for many whole collateral lines all, conquered by newer and more sophisticated forms. If, however, the modified descendant of a species enters a distinct region or s quickly adapt to any region entirely new, it is not in competition with the primitive type and both can continue to exist. ". Example of practical application of this game including 140,141 pages of the book and 142, and where Laurent Obertone explains the most natural, like Hitler, his idol and favorite plagiarized, we are subject to natural selection as the animals! Duly noted vis-à-vis blacks and Arabs, our new Neanderthals ...


"This is how all men without exception, walk in the garden of nature, is included
know everything and learn, and behave like blind with few exceptions vis-à-vis one
of the most salient principles of its action: the existence of organic distinguishing characters
species which are divided between all living beings on this earth. The most superficial observation is enough to show how the many forms in which the will to live of nature are subject to a fundamental and almost inviolable law that requires them tightly limited process of reproduction and multiplication. Every animal mates only with
a mate of the same species: chickadees with tit, chaffinch with the lark, the stork
with the stork, voles with voles, mice, mouse, wolves with the wolf, etc.
(...) The role of the strongest is to dominate and not to blend with the weaker, thus sacrificing his own greatness. Only the low
birth may find this cruel law; but it is only a weak and limited man; because if this
law should not prevail, the evolution of all organic beings would be unthinkable.
The consequence of this general tendency of nature to seek and maintain the purity of the breed
Not only is the distinction clearly drawn between specific breeds in their signs
Outside but also the similarity of specific features of each of them. The fox is
always a fox, the goose a goose, the tiger a tiger, etc., and we can note the differences between the
individuals belonging to the same race, only from the amount of energy, vigor,
intelligence, skill, resilience they are unequally endowed. But we do find
never a fox a natural disposition would behave philanthropically against
geese, just as there is no cat that feels a cordial inclination for mice. As a result, the
struggle that pitted the races together with other causes less for a property antipathy
rather than hunger and love. "(HITLER, MEIN Kampf)

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