Real favorite 1

Real favorite 1

The soul of the night: 1 - Nitescence (Paperback)

Customer Review

In a few words: addictive, very favorite.

Tara is a young woman of thirty, mother of a little boy of 4 years, Kaƫl, which is her life, recently divorced. She leads a normal life between his work, his son, his only friend. In short, a life not very exciting at first, but in fact Tara hides a failure that has caused much damage in his life. Indeed, every night, she saw her dreams with such force that it gnaws deep within even her. His dreams have some fantastic things that even happens to affect his life everyday.
One day, a mysterious man will enter his life, surprised by his presence at first contact, Deagan ... From this moment all his life, she thought to never be the same (ie to fight for his son) will be upset for good. She believed that mad, will realize that it is a being apart, unique, different. She will have to make a difficult choice facing this difference that makes the whole story.

From the first pages, I could not let go of this book. The pleasant writing fluid, simple words of the author can only lead us into a universe unusual. Indeed, here we discover a different world all we have read so far. Different characters, never seen to date, and it feels good to get out a little angels, fairies, vampires and other fictional characters of the urban fantasy. The author has created a fascinating world. All explanations are given in a timely manner without burdening history or reading.

I enjoyed the definitions of certain terms given to psychiatric beginning of each chapter and reflect what going on there.

Maria J. Romaley us into a pure romance decorated ingredients that make it a unique book. Distress characters, love, duty, tension, frustration, Action ... A first volume that ends on a half-revelation that begs a sequel!

In short, a favorite for this first opus rich and enchanting.

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