Really works !!  1

Really works !! 1

3k A111120 Ionizer - Air Purifier for Refrigerator (Household Goods)

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3k A111120 Ionizer - Air Purifier for Refrigerator

Works really => Refrigerator report pleasantly fresh even though food
are splashing around with a very strong odor in the refrigerator.
Have the air cleaner with the clip which is clamped to a refrigerator door bins on the back of the air purifier.
The air purifier running at power longer and then switches to intermittent operation (at the round power button, a green LED is located at the
Switch and operation leuchtet.Wenn green the batteries are empty, the LED lights up green briefly and then go out.

less well:
Or rechargeable batteries only last about 3-4 weeks => you noticed but equally when the batteries are all when it suddenly straightening the refrigerator. I have two sets of batteries (2 x Batteries Batteries required type Micro / AAA) for change.

I would set two batteries Micro / AAA also order plus any charger for the batteries if they do not already.

I would have given 5 stars but because of the frequent battery / battery change I gave 4 stars.

If that battery / battery change nothing can mind I absolutely recommend the device.

All ok except for the tweeter Rank: 3/5
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December 11
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May 23
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December 31
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