Recommended!  Cheap & good-quality alternative to expensive WACOM Tablets :-)

Recommended! Cheap & good-quality alternative to expensive WACOM Tablets :-)

Hanvon Graphics Tablet USB Black A4 battery-free pen drathloser Express Touch keys 1024 dpi 5080 LPI incl. Software and Driver (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Now that the WACOM patent monopoly has fallen, now finally also offer other manufacturers relatively cheap graphics tablets with similar good quality on the market at. It was finally time to break the monopoly price WACOM'sche through real competition in the market.

Nothing against the Qualiät a real WACOM Tablets. The costs, however, were often incomprehensible and unfortunately completely covered! In the graphics area you have to accept these rates for many years, grumbling, now we feel it probably as status quo and as a normal and believed likely that all that is to have more favorable, the quality can not reach. Mistake, ladies and gentlemen. For the past which may be true!

Once other manufacturers of technological / patent law were unable nearly good tablets, now Hanvon comes with its ArtMaster range on the market that also, the WACOM Tablets equal, based on an electromagnetic induction model.

The Hanvon Artmaster is visually appealing and relatively complacent, but I personally would have preferred a matte finish.
But this is, as always, a matter of taste.

Must order it in advance, settle you look, as well as when buying a car. The pin has a slightly different weight and a slightly different ergonomics, compared with a WACOM. Who has previously used a Wacom tablet will certainly notice the difference. As for the pin handling this difference is suppressed but not necessarily in "better" or "worse" from. There are only nuances that are irrelevant to the Eingewöhungszeit and will lead to the recognition of the fact that both tablets play within this heading in a similar league.
The Artmaster very sensitive to the pressure of the pen and highly accurate with excellent resolution. The sensitivity of the pressure torque can be easily adjusted via the driver, as well as the dimension of the reference surface of the screen, the machine should react tablet! Also, the inclination of the pin is evaluated as a parameter.

Additional keys:
In general, the function keys are divided easily accessible.
Since on both sides (mirrored) are equally available, the tablet is just as well for left-handers.
- The zoom in / out function is convenient, if a little hippelig in their response
- The top button is not programmable and represented in Photoshop only the eraser,
What I do not really feel as bad, because you always need it all nose long. Unfortunately, this function is duplicated (both left and right).
- All other buttons can be used within a very narrowly defined framework program:
Mouse button left, right, center, "Start program" ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, SPACE,
(What does "setting keyboard" and "Res ---" with the values ​​to be, I could not fathom to this day, both unfortunately do not work for me)

Here is happening in the case of my tablet a possibly not entirely insignificant defect on! The canvas does not kosequent the vordimensionierten area of ​​housing clean, so that the pin (max width approx 05 mm) hang when drawing ever in the extreme edge area in a small, not deep groove remained! Although rare, so that's a bit annoying! By the time but you get used to it and also keeps an eye on this problem automatically.

Included Supply:
- 2 different pens, 1 top dispenser (approx 10 pcs) in the form of a pen holder + Software CD-ROM -
The driver software is a bit meager improvement in the settings and in any case.
About additional software I can not say anything because I do not need them and have therefore never been used!

Technical Details:
- Pressure levels: 1024,
- Resolution: 5080 LPI,
- Induction Model: electromagnet,
- Max read speed: 220 points / sec,..
. - Max Reading Height: 7mm

Lack of alternatives, WACOM has not only qualitatively but also priced clearly separated from other vendors. For each, the pricing of WACOM has always seemed a bit strange, the is highly recommended that Hanvon Artmaster AM1209. I myself am very satisfied and keep the price reasonable. In a professional environment, it affords no slippers. Compared to the experience in dealing with a Wacom Intuos 3 in the production environment, I see the tablet as Artmaster comparable product. I've been using it excessively for cropping objects within Photoshop. The precise positioning, easy handling, the pleasing ergonomics of the pins and the design does not leave it open too many wishes!
The processing at the edges of the canvas could be improved, the software / driver features also.

(+++) Price
(+++) Handling
(+) Design
(++) Delivery

(-) Processing at the edges of the canvas
(-) Driver software
(-) Keyboard layout

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March 10
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