Regulated extremely far-reaching and bright, exemplary solid without end

Regulated extremely far-reaching and bright, exemplary solid without end

ThruNite Catapult V5 rescue flashlight Cree XM-L2 U2 Max. Output 1500 Lumens Waterproof to IPX-8 (Cool White) (Misc.)

Customer Review

So far, I had an older version of Catapult as the most stable lamp in my collection. They will be replaced by the new Catapult V5, but also now twice as bright lights and twice as stable as far. They also now provides a fundamentally different operating concept. Previously you had to turn on and off at the end of the lamp and the lamp head fixed or unscrew to set a different light level. In V5, there are only 2 sided / thumb switch, one of a /, the other for 4 different light levels and flashing a hidden level (strobe).

For ordinary delivery of the lamp includes a cardboard packaging, a carrying holster, an attachable hinged diffuser, manual, strap and spare gaskets. In particular, the diffuser is extremely useful, because you can change the radiation so completely, that of a far-reaching lightsaber to a uniform floodlighting.

The V5 impressed with high material consumption and very good quality. The wall thickness, for example, the battery tube is almost 7 mm. The lamp is built like a tank, which is reflected in a correspondingly high weight (~ 560 g). Yet it is through the slim shape well in the hand. Their design gives the owner a certain "sense of security", if you know what I mean.

Operation is simple:
Loosen lamp end (Tailcap), 4 CR123A lithium batteries (cheaper in the 10-pack) or even 2 pieces 18650 Li-Io batteries with the nipple / positive progress insert better off you go

Attention: On the battery you should not save because they must be able to bring high currents of approximately 3A. On the safe side is one with quality batteries with built-in protection circuit, as of ENERPOWER, Panasonic, AW. Do yourself a favor and do not use batteries with "..... fire" in the name. The keep the high demands not stand. Do you have a Porsche also do not go to wooden hoops.

Power On / Off goes the closer to the thumb switch located, the selection of lighting levels in order from dark to light on the lamp closer to the head lying switch. The lamp starts in the same brightness level in which it has been turned off (memory). Briefly pressing the front switch changes the brightness levels.

Flashing: Holding down the lighting levels selector, you get both at once and the lamp switched off in quick flash mode (Panic safe stroboscope). Good news is that once you can access strobe and Geblinke not disturbing is still in the regular switching sequence.

Very useful: The charge indicator lamp. When the lamp is on, the control LED between the switches light up solid blue. If this change to red or even flashing red, you should quickly charge the batteries.

Another quality feature is the exemplary electronic control of brightness. At the highest level, the light-emitting lamp, the power switches after exactly 4 minutes without illumination time by about 30% in order to prevent overheating of the LED / Electronics and thus damage. You can turn again to 100% of the power but later, when more light is needed. The full light output is always the way, and achieved relatively independent of how fully the batteries are charged. Only when the battery is nearly exhausted (below each ~ 3,5-3,6V) can be switched only to the second highest level the lamp to save the batteries. Should this notice, please also load the batteries as soon as possible.

The luminous result convinces everybody. Light color is a matter of taste which one like ice cold light color, the others prefer warmer light color. You can choose between 2 versions with the Catapult V5. A cold white light, which is unpleasant subjectively perceived as "pervasive" in a cultured to reach lamp as the V5. The other with neutral white light that looks pleasing to the eye.

The Catapult V5 brings together in the middle of the light cone very strong (= narrow spot) and thus comes to a really extremely high coverage. For those who can do with it what I have measured more than 100,000 lux, which is a remarkable achievement for such a still compact lamp head. There are very few lamps (eg the ThruNite TN31, TN32), which can still beat this. But who for a much larger and bulkier lamp head. The light output (total brightness) is specified by the manufacturer about 1500 lumens, and it creates basically even. Unlike no-name lamps of several deals in the bay, the referencing Fantasy values, but this partly achieve only a fraction.

The scattered light (Spill) in the cone of light is nice and even. For the close range up to 50 meters or even for lighting inside buildings the Catapult V5 is rather not think. It is a powerful searchlight for people who need some professional reasons in a reliable and bright illumination (security services, rescue, search, etc.) and will sometimes see something at a great distance.

Last word: in my view, is the Catapult V5 a real professional lamp that convinces with a phenomenal light output by physical "factors". Make yourself the fun and challenge a proud Maglite owners on the light compared :-)

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