Replacement Battery for Medion MD82877

Replacement Battery for Medion MD82877

Ni-MH battery 500mAh (2.4V) suitable for Medion MD81877, Medion Life, T-Com Sinus A201, Audio Line. Replaces battery: 5M702BMX, GP0827, GP0845, GPHP70-R05. (Electronics)

Customer Review

On the whole, a good article. The differences from the original are as follows:

- Unfortunately only 500mAh instead Genuine 600mAh

- The cable is relatively long and you do not know exactly where it is stowed in the battery compartment (fiddly)

- The port is a little longer than the original and can not be so simply connect (again Fummelarbeit)


1 star deduction because of lower power than the original battery and Cumbersome installation, otherwise good replacement and good P / L ratio.

Very nice and warm but ... Rank: 3/5
October 26
Too bad 31 Rank: 2/5
April 2
Eberl Claudia Rank: 1/5
December 14
Movies Without Borders Rank: 5/5
April 21
Pimped Rank: 5/5
September 4
Spice set Rank: 5/5
February 14

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