researcher / journalist repented of having a major ego and who got lost on social networks to become depressed

researcher / journalist repented of having a major ego and who got lost on social networks to become depressed

YOU HAVE LOST Me (Paperback)

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The teacher-researcher became editor and journalist Guy Birenbaum is known of French Internet users.

In the 80 and 90 he analyzed the rise of the National Front in France.

He blogs for a long time on several sites. The latter is his personal blog, his "store" (the craft of his parents).

He hosted a program on the site ArretSurImages ("yellow line") and on Europe 1 ("clicks and slaps"). It is on twitter and instagram.

Guy Birenbaum tells its entry into depression, his desire to do anything, to see no one. His disgust with hate on the Internet (... Semitism) and the media to announce the race information first (immediacy). His weariness sterile debates (Guy Birenbaum has animated).

The author also says that he realized he had become over the years a éditocrate internet as Alain Duhamel and Jean-Michel Apathy are for traditional media. Some editorialists have an opinion on everything.

Mr Birenbaum somatized his depression by a backache and pain in the belly.

The author says that French society is depressed because of anxiety emissions DTT on RAID or GIGN. It also criticizes the indignation against the torturers of cats while the words and anti-Semitic acts are not condemned by all and that the right-wing extremism thrive in France.

The solution of Guy Birenbaum to get out of depression?

The love of his wife, his friends (the new director of France Info among others who stretched his hand), benevolence of his former boss Denis Olivennes.
Monitoring by a psychiatrist available (this is the only part of the book where I do not agree with the author: I do not believe in psychoanalysis but to psychiatry) with medication (antidepressants and anxiolytics / benzodiazepines ).

Guy Birenbaum also read the book of Philippe Labro on depression: "Fall seven times, get up eight" who helped him and he speaks in "I missed you." It was this book of Philippe Labro who gave him the idea to write this book to help the French in depression.

At the end of the book, the author realizes that he has been on edge for years in part because of his ego and anxieties.

Thanks to his psychiatrist, Guy Birenbaum learns not to get angry with people when he was a columnist for one of his specialties was to criticize and it also has a history of sensational resignations.

At the end of the book Guy Birenbaum praised real life and French concerns (eg recover points on his driving license) away from the Parisian journalistic microcosm. And human contact.

In his new columns on France Info ("other info") Guy Birenbaum often speak of the regional daily press and made more human chronic (eg speaking homeless).

A book I recommend if you spend much time on social networks and it makes you depressed.

A book to also advise people who are unable to motivate themselves to work: it's not a lack of will, it is a treatable disease with therapy and medication.

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