Return to Fantasy 1975

Return to Fantasy 1975

Return to Fantasy (Audio CD)

Customer Review

After the accidental loss of Gary Thain (he suffered onstage electric shock), the group was finally a little more time with a new plate. After it turned out that Gary will not come back, we undertook John Wetton for the bass guitar.

The "Return To Fantasy" has become a really good record, and made the little hangover "Wonder World" up for it. It is particularly striking that in addition to Ken Hensley has involved the residual group (Box, Byron, Kerslake) pretty good at songwriting. John Wetton joined this regard too late to the group.

The drive sounds a bit more modern total on `Beautiful dream` to eg synth. The Hammond organ is now represented something more sparse. Prima songs are `Return to fantasy`,` Beautiful dream`, `A year or a day` and` Devil`s daughter`. For the ballads succeed this time not so good (`Why did you go` and` Your turn to remember`). Especially `Why did you go` is terribly corny. Overall, "Return To Fantasy" but become a good album. The title track became the band classics. On the Expanded De-Luxe version with are `Shout it out` and` The time will come` two excellent bonus tracks at the start.

Good 4 stars for the album. Unfortunately this Heep intermediate high did not last long.

Beautifully large and stable Rank: 5/5
January 25
Zusatzapp with a dream Rank: 5/5
January 22
seal for pressure cooker Rank: 2/5
May 17
Disappointing 1165 Rank: 2/5
February 18

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