Review for the laity and for the advanced

Review for the laity and for the advanced

Canon IXUS 1000 HS Digital Camera (10 Megapixel, 10x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD video, image stabilized) brown (Electronics)

Customer Review

IXUS 1000 HS
Since this review is extensive, I have divided into two areas. The first part is aimed exclusively at the layman. In the second part I will go more in the advanced range. Every reader can thus pick out its range, which is interesting for him.

Review for the layman
Anyone looking for a little practical, stylish, well-functioning camera for the snapshot, is the right place for the IXUS 1000. She has a small, handy case which will fit well in a small waist bag. There are no disturbing, outgoing and flash the processing of the camera (for the most part metal and some with painted surface) is very high. At the beginning you should be the "Getting Started" printed version be read carefully. Here is all what the layman needs to know. Battery Set and the SD Memory Card to basic settings such as date / time and the main functions when taking pictures and movies. An SD Memory Card is not supplied. These must be purchased additionally. With an 8GB card may be about 3000 photos (highest resolution) or 30 minutes of video (in HD 1080p - which means the best quality) create. A charger with the special battery can be charged, is. After 2-3 hours, an empty battery is fully charged again. I still recommend to purchase a spare battery for the longer trip. For most of the options in the shooting and playback menu short Guiding instructions are displayed, so you get to know the camera better. If this feature sometime nervous times, but you can disable them.

Basically looking at the camera and the video function in automatic mode left (sliding switch next to the On / Off button to AUTO). What you should urgently note is sufficient brightness. When the button is pressed halfway, too high isovalue (400-1600) is displayed in the lower right display, the recordings no longer as good (strong color noise and spongy contours), as at a low value (ISO 125-400). If the lights flash and the camera shake icon aufläuchtet recommend you keep indoors, an additional lamp, use a tripod or to go outside in the garden at home, where it is much brighter. A situation that everyone will remember you should check beforehand times (enough brightness when the candles of the birthday cake are blown out on the coffee table or it is possibly here. Too dark?). If one considers the most important point photograph leg (the light), you can get surprisingly good, sharp, high contrast and colorful pictures with a very high sentimental value. Did with the Canon 1000 Some tests and was very satisfied with the quality of the results in this price segment.

The zoom properties of being too small camera are amazing. They range from 6.3 mm to 63 mm. What 36-360 mm means the small picture format. Who can not do anything, here's a small example. The width of a recording from left to right about 2 meters a (family photo), the distance of the photographers for shooting situation at 6.3mm (wide) is only about 2.50 meters (and they are all from head to toe in the box). At the same distance but you can zoom back and the face of a family member to fill the screen, which then corresponds to 63 mm.

Who used to be filmed with Pal DV cassette will be amazed at the quality. Just the higher resolution ensures sharp images. The films will be calmed by a digital image stabilizer and also zooming moment during the recording is not possible. The sound of the zoom motor is unfortunately to listen to the recordings. Again, good lighting and camera kept as quiet and not much swinging as image motion unfortunately still have a slight stutter. The quality of an HD camcorder can not be achieved, of course, intervene again worlds. But for playback on larger TVs or if you want to show the video on the Internet his friends (eg Youtube), it will do just fine.

You can use the photos of the IXUS 1000 completely without a computer. There are, for example, connecting cable for the home television, which are included. So you can make a nice "slide-show" in the living room, for the Ixus holds many playback options available. If you want pictures as paper prints or photo books, you just take the SD card out of the camera and turns to the electronics or drug-market of their choice. In the Photo and Pictures division helps the professionals like to continue. (I assume now times from ;-).

If you to take pictures is fun and you also would like to know more, there is the manual in PDF format, which dips a little deeper in the settings of the Ixus 1000. For a real "photo school" the camera is however not suitable because you can not manually adjust aperture and shutter speed. Here you should choose another (usually a little more expensive model).

Advanced review for the advanced
- The image sensor is 1 / 2.3 inches for a 10 megapixel camera is not just big, but allows small compact case.
- The isovalue can set to 125 (lowest isovalue) and thus holds one image noise reasonably under control.
- Tip: On Func.Set - My Colors - Custom color I shot sharpness and contrast on the scale completely to the right and thus turned off. This dark areas are more exposed and the artificial sharpening, which hessliche pixel errors occur is low. You can now, for example, post-processing in Photoshop.
- Who thinks he can reduce the noise by simply adjusting the camera at 6 megapixels (like here to read in a different Rezi is) will be disappointed. This is not the image sensor changes but only the resolution. So I would take pictures Basically with 10 megapixels.
- No RAW support. If perhaps replenished as CHDK (more info, see [...])
- The LCD screen with 230,000 pixels is now not necessarily with high resolution, thus allowing only sufficient sharpness evaluation. Panasonic has been around models (eg Lumix 7) with 460,000 ie twice as many pixels. In addition, a widescreen monitor with a camera that lets you probably mostly photos in 4: 3 format makes it quite unusual. Black bars left and right, and a very small photo view are the result.
- There are pre-settings such as night shots without using a tripod (I liked - several shots of the motif to be made and then internally at a relatively good image calculated), Portrait, Kids & Pets, beach, foliage, snow, fireworks, etc. )
- No manual shutter speed and aperture setting
- In video mode, there is full HD resolution at 1080p with 24 frames per second (with a maximum length of 10 minutes) and 720p at 30 frames per second. To process with a video editing program like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere should install QuickTime (free on the Internet). The computer should be up to date with 4GB screws again and have at least a dual processor.
- The large advertised slow motion works already, but unfortunately only in very poor resolution with 320 x 240 pixels. There's no trace of HD.
- The also large advertised Thumbnail function is possible in video mode only in 720p. The results can be seen, however. This effect can be the way to make himself very well. Just let the video or image in the upper and lower portions merge into uncertainty and increase the speed. Nothing more than the Ixus 1000 makes. One just needs to know how.
- The use of an Eye-Fi SD card linked to the Canon Ixus 1000 is possible. Thus made recordings are transferred directly to a computer without cables. Very useful for laboratory use or in mini-photo studio. This Eye-Fi cards can also be bought here on Amazon, but are very expensive.
- The distribution in movie mode and Photo mode is not well separated. So you can still take picture settings in video mode and in photo mode video. Why is beside On / Off is this slider at all, I do not understand because the photographing means and trigger the films is another pushbutton eh separated. The additional Auto mode the slider would be able to install even under Func.Set. Too bad that the good Canon Menuhandhabung and the logical structure deteriorated thereby.
- The additional functions of the rotary wheel will no longer be displayed as icons on the housing. Only when you touch the wheel slightly appears on the display, which area you have to press to be able to execute the additional functions.
- If you connect the camera via HDMI cable (not supplied) to a TV, you get the best possible transmission quality. Unfortunately, while the display of the Ixus 1000 remains dark.
- The battery can be compared in size as an AA battery. Now I have already 3 Canon cameras with ever new battery models and chargers so. How much inventiveness is Canon invest in it yet?
- With a bracket to the tripod thread, you can use an extra flash (Canon High Power Flash HF-DC1).

Conclusion: A well-functioning standard camera with good lay-fitness in Auto mode. For a professional she has earned more 3 stars. We come to a final value of 4 stars. Unfortunately, the functionality will be extended with a lot of frills, but the basic functions of a camera like shutter speed and aperture fall by the wayside. Because of the large zoom range, the compact construction (not even the appearance is in the off state) and the video mode in 1080p (which is always rated me in a camera just as a relatively well-functioning extra feature) I can the Ixus 1000 thoroughly recommend.

Hope I could help you
Your Uncle Bill

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