REZ fully reloaded - tear of joy

REZ fully reloaded - tear of joy

Child of Eden (Video Game)

Customer Review

I admit, it's not very easy to review this item purely objectively ... at least not with my bias as Oldskool Sega / Dreamcast- and thus REZ-Addict. I'll try it anyway - whether it succeeded or not, and you decide, please.

Child of Eden !!! REZ 2 ??? One can not help but direct comparison to REZ to look, because these (s) play (s) simply moves / move in its own, very narrow niche genre, strictly static but interactive. We know just nothing like it. At least not in this quality. This almost perfect symbiosis of gameplay, movement and sound is in my opinion far only Mizuguchi-san and Jeff Minter succeeded.

Is Child of Eden, as well REZ, a really very japanoides gameplay: shooting away, do it elegant, stylish, with lots of possible combos, and refer your buddies in the high score on the courts! You'll be rewarded for it!

The tutorial is for total newcomers absolute duty, what happens on the screen is otherwise quickly overwhelmed ... who knows REZ other hand, can hit the ground running straight.

The game was designed and equally disappointing and 380V electric shock of motivation. The levels are relatively quickly by playing with a little skill - much anticipated. However, yes also includes the "how", and so pleased about any reward that you can win by simply play through a level (successes, Artworks, FMV, Detailing in Lumi's Garden, more levels ... last but not least high score! ).

Graphically Child of Eden is an absolute feast for the eyes! Where at REZ nor pure vector objects and Cellshading were utilized, contemporary 3D Models can now be seen in fancy animation with cream smooth light effects. Being ... me personally, it happens as if Mizuguchi-san put a clear reference to REZ in some moments of the gameplay. This, however, not without noticeable development ... some background and some bosses can be a in the first couple of games simply the jaw muscles exposed. Small spoiler: Some things in Child of Eden come REZ old veterans here and there damn familiar, and yes, now they have the same effect as before !.

Acoustically has, in my humble opinion, the game directly REZ-comparison a little lost ... Although the aural world is actually perfectly fine in Child of Eden, everything is really well established, to the point and all of a piece but I personally miss the variation bandwidth by various artists, as it was present in REZ. I like the Genki Rockets, but frankly I have for example a Joujouka vs. Adam Freeland totally missing. I found a great pity! Anyway, Lumi also rocks ... in spite of everything. And with "despite everything" I mean the Heavenly Star Preserve, which is pushed a bit sour to me right at the beginning of Child of Eden. I have sometimes wonder if this negative effect from Mizuguchi-san was so intended ... this old fox is indeed be trusted almost everything ;-)

Control ... well, via pad is there is nothing to complain about ... everything butterweich, directly, from the finest halt ... but make no mistake about nothing: Per pad are not, somehow sophisticated in any way, in any form. 1 to 1 as in REZ also. For control via Kinect, however:

Heavy ... or much getting used to! At least my mind. It has been so here and there small ways to keep control to personalize (movement to action). It takes place via Kinect toll ... relatively straightforward, but it requires just exercise that you worried better per Pad (for gameplay) and equally by Kinect (General Tax sense) separately. I have to say I myself have only relatively little Kinect experience, and therefore my statement is perhaps a bit subjective. The more experienced Kinect users will all possibly a little smoother by "hand" ... may also be due to the stored light ... Whoa !!! Blatant Reconciliation of my personal worst, most disgusting, thus paradoxical us most negative point of the game ... please wait ... I have to create some tension ...

Lighting ... for me definitely the proverbial "weakest point" of the game ... because you have a perfect combination of game, light, and sound effect, and you can play it by motion controller, without which in his hand ... what could you want? General ecstasy, please !!!

But no, now ... you can not, because Kinect just does not work at the time at which this game works best: IN THE DARK !!! Time please think about it. Otherwise ... great game ... 360 Must Have!

datasheet feels the sting Rank: 2/5
June 6
Ok for PS4 Rank: 4/5
January 25
Halftone. Rank: 3/5
June 11
in addition 3 Rank: 4/5
November 27
Light oil stains not a problem Rank: 3/5
April 27

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