Rise of the 300D to 700D, short vergliech for Sony A58

Rise of the 300D to 700D, short vergliech for Sony A58

Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, Full HD, Live View) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM (Electronics)

Customer Review

Hello everybody,

now also a short review of mine ...

Was previously extremely pleased / proud user of a Canon 300D. But now that a slightly larger HD television has held (60 ") moving into our apartment, and we (my wife and I) so far did not have HD video camera (and I getting a bit with my good old Digital 8 video camera from Sony strangely seemed - somehow I was always the only one on any events as a dinosaur), I thought it could also be a new SLR with HD video function be.

Also the decision has contributed that has rankled in 300D me that when continuous shooting at 4 frames was closing, and you descend the Gerödel had to wait until again was saved enough to be able to take the next picture.

Since I had already made (some compact and also a bridge) experience with various other digital cameras, it was clear to me that there will be a reflex again be because I do not like one thing: tripping delays.
There is nothing worse than having the perfect motive right to pull the trigger, and to observe how the subject makes them - and the camera simply photographed the empty - or maybe the back half of the horse draufbekommt.

When 300D - and now also in the 700D is no such thing. Because it makes then click on it when I press - and not just a second later.

Now to the short comparison with the Sony A58.
The Sony was now actually my favorite because cheaper (at Otto 499 incl. Two lenses) and according to reviews I had read too much better at the Live View autofocus. Picture quality should be better - but I could not test - on a few pixels more or less it seems to me not to.

Before the famous cat in the bag I would rather be driven to the nearby Saturn and took into their own hands: Sony A58, Canon 1200D, Canon 700D.
The friendly seller has unpacked me an SD card and sent to the respective camera that I wanted to try, and the man certainly had patience with me (but again the - again the no ...).

I can confirm that for someone who wants to take pictures with the rear display priority, which is Sony much more suitable that provides as much faster sharp - because the Canon is really ne crutch against.

But if you switch on both cameras on the viewfinder turns the tide extremely - the pure shooting through the viewfinder beats the 700D Sony, for my taste by far. I think because the STM lens Canon is not entirely innocent.
In good Lichtverhäldnissen, the Canon viewfinder operation extremely quick sharp, and you can pull the trigger immediately.
Now there was at the Sony also a strength but then went to me "in the bag": I take pictures in continuous shutter mode in principle, but usually only make a picture, but could so quickly have a second or several make - sometimes it must just go quickly, I want to keep myself open.

The Sony is in the continuous shutter mode as fast (max. 8 frames / sec.), That I have not been able to let go of the trigger fast enough before a second image came. Habs tried several times and then abandoned. That just made me disturbed.
In single mode but it was too slow.
What has me still disturbed, was the colorful display. Although I do not know if you can leave that - but because after a successful photo so much information has been displayed on the display (or as colorful histograms they're called + all possible exposure information) that one could not warnehmen correct picture. On top of that my image on the screen seemed very unnatural - very bright colors. The picture in the viewfinder was too artificial - is just only a display and not the original.

That's why I me then the two Canons accurately viewed - 1200D and 700D.
A few snapshots taken with the 1200D and immediately thereafter with the 700D. I then did not have to think twice, the 700D is Just a bit faster to the point, if you want to make fast and move individual images. That alone was worth the cost. The 70D also liked, was then but a little out of my budget.

For Video mode:
I was initially very uncertain because the reviews go a little apart since. Some write that the Canon not readjusts when the object leaves the sharpness level.

This is not definitely. The Canon leads to, it even has a "follow mode", which for example is pursuing a once fixed face. This mode was preset at the store, and who has not convinced me. Thought: This is going well actually nothing with the videos. Had focused on something in the store, filmed and then swung, and expects that the camera focuses on the new situation - but she did not. Now I know why: In the follow mode (was there by default), the object to which you have focused, followed. Sprich- swings at the camera to the right, the focus remains on the object that is still left in the picture, and I thought: Why is the cursed part not sharp? Did then rumgeblättert menu and other autofocus modes found - fortunately, otherwise I owned a Sony today. In mode "FlexiZone-Multi" the camera does what I expect from her, she turns quickly to new situations, but is also pursuing some extent focused objects that move.

The Sony has indeed made a bit faster and better, but for me the feeling was when photographing with the Canon but a lot better, and that prevailed then. Can live with the slightly worse performance when video shoot well.

Very important when shooting videos: The lenses!
Already at our bridge camera (Fuji Finipix S5800) had always bothered me that you could hear the autofocus motor in the film easily. And that's when the SLR as well:
Have from my time with the analog Canon 1000 still a Sigma 75-300, and from my 300D a Tamron 28-200 lens.
Both are in the autofocus quite noisy, which indeed when photographing not disturbing (except on wildlife viewing photography), but on the video annoying the rather, if it does not even make the video unusable because it drowns out everything else.
The KIT lens 18-55, which was in the 300D case, there was a bit quieter - but still disturbs.
In the current 18-55 STM lens you really can not hear anything.

Fits on there. If in your camera lens here is where you can hear the autofocus, one has you bes *******, and it's no STM lens.

In addition, the STM lens compared to my other lenses focused also much faster (followed by the old 18-55, then the very old Sigma and Tamron is the slowest).

What I found at the very great was the high light sensitivity up to ISO 25600. In automatic mode (camera selects photosensitivity itself) is the 700D to Iso 6400. Also I thought that was pretty strong (that's worlds better than my 300D 1600 or . 800 in automatic mode). Now after two weeks, I have the ISO sensitivity in auto mode on 3200 limited (you can set), because you can see at the high ISO values, as a layman, on closer inspection already on display the significant image noise when in the image display just a little heranzoomt- especially in dark areas, for example brown leather sofa. For me it's not so bad, because I want to take pictures outdoors in nature and our horses in the first place, and rarely larger of the few family photos make deductions. But for someone who wants to do a lot in enclosed spaces, without the same to use a flash that is certainly disturbing.

Not quite as good in the hand as my old 300D because small, but that's a matter of taste.
I lack the depth of field - automatic, which had my old EOS 1000 (analog) and the EOS 300D. Since I am in the 700D still a little unsure to use when manually setting the aperture using the low beam button. But you can somehow cobble together also custom modes themselves - maybe that's it anyway - as far as I am not, however.

My old Danubia Countertop flash that I still have from the analog time, was still working flawlessly with the 300D. Now with the 700D is the past. Since the normal TTL is no longer compatible. But can one adjust quite well manually.

Conclusion: I'm excited - except for two points:
1. autofocus in video mode might be a bit faster, but is more or less with the STM lens.
2. Noise. Have as little comparison possible, but it seems to me from ISO 6400 is relatively high, and the automatic correction by the camera software (you can adjust in several steps) seems to me not a significant concern.

Nevertheless, I give five stars because "I like it" would be an understatement.
Like it a lot!

Thank you for patiently reading.

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