Risen 3 Titan Lords - Firstly HUI secondly POOH

Risen 3 Titan Lords - Firstly HUI secondly POOH

Risen 3 Titan Lords - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Risen 3 Titan Lords was one of the tracks where I hoped Kange time to spend.
It was a little different.

First, I have given three stars because there is a great good and great evil side.

STORY: The story is not just failed. Man loses his soul and then you have a
You will find way regain or recover. STORY is okay.

GRAPHICS: From the PC very nice, but PS3 is a bit very pixelated and you then recognize only pixels salad and you
know what you can not collect anything, because it does not recognize. The graphics my opinion is again two
Who does not attach great importance to the graphics can play on it. So is fine. But on the border, under any circumstances.

MISSIONS: The missions are fine. It makes fun to collect vioele missions and the glory of the character
issue. Missions are good.

Combat system: The combat system seems to me much better than before even in Risen 2. If you meet the timing and time
evades it's fun to fight, and you felt like you were the KING. The fighting therefore makes a lot of fun.
Combat system is good!

Dialogues: The dialogue is Risen typical. Rau with some "bad" words. But it's fun to talk with people in Risen. There is still sometimes a lot of repetition. Dialogues are okay.

NEGATIVE ASPECTS: Well now we are on the other side. If "AutoSave" is enabled, the game begins to hang on
certain memory points. Pulling a out of the game and the atmosphere.
One also sees often aufploppen items! From another at the moment are suddenly barrels or trees at the edge that you have not seen before, as well as pulling a out of the game. That's not nice!
The Ruckels and the frame rate of the PS3 version is not the blockbuster! Not nice to look at and put to some bothers or when one is engrossed.

- Conclusion -
Although Titan 3 Risen Lord has so weaken and strengthen its should change your mind very well whether or not to bring the game or not. (PS3 version)
If you have the Auswhlmöglichkeit then prefer the PC version much better and liquid! Also very nice!
For the PS3 version should think twice about whether it's a value.
If you can live with the errors / negative aspects VERY GOOD superior then please, but otherwise !!

I hope it gets even a patch of makes the whole somewhat playable! Then I think can be accessed if the title something
has become cheaper!

Only 3 letters Rank: 5/5
May 3
Also for Vectra C to 2003 Rank: 5/5
January 17
niquel 11 Rank: 5/5
July 9
10/10 4 Rank: 4/5
September 23
Not really 360 Rank: 2/5
July 28
essential October 25 1765 Rank: 5/5
February 19

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