Robust, efficient, and quality: perfect!

Robust, efficient, and quality: perfect!

BaByliss 6670E Super Pro Hair Dryer 2200 W AC (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Hair Dryer BaByliss Pro Super 6670, 2200W AC motor, tested on fine hair, smooth and medium-length and on thick, wavy and long.


* It strikes right away when you take the camera in hand: it is of robust construction, reliability breathes, and plastics are obviously quality. This results in a relatively high weight (but not crazy) but the unit is well thought out and is very balanced, no risk of tendinitis by using it;)

* The finishes are really excellent: it BaByliss is a beautiful object, but obviously just very well designed and assembled!

* Ergonomics was clearly reflected, and is downright ideal if you, like me, small hands, the handle is fine and cleverly contoured, which provides a firm grip and offset the weight of the device. The buttons / switches are easily found under the fingers directly on the left of the handle (careful though, for left-handed, this may not necessarily be practical)

* The switches exude strength and are simple in design (so it must be even possible to change them in case of failure). They are clear and unambiguous as to their functions. We are here in a design and a design without "frills" that is WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get"), which gives an impression indeed very "pro".

* The power cable is sturdy and very long: ideal for styling and turn someone around him without being hindered by the thread, or if you want to connect on a fairly remote socket

* Removable rear grille for easy cleaning of the unit (think about removing hair and dust regularly to prolong the efficiency and life of your hair dryer)


* The BaByliss 6670 features 3 styling tips "hubs" to distribute warm air precisely to secure the movement and create volume: 1 large hub, 1 medium hub, hub and 1 very thin (4mm: it is ideal for precise brushing, or fine hair!). End caps fix "in force" on the nose of the aircraft and remove easily.

* This model has an AC motor (as quite a few serious hairdryer and "pro") at 2200W. Drying is really stunning and powerful: nothing to do with the hair dryer at 30! This device can really meet and pre-dry your hair in seconds / minutes (depending on the thickness and length of hair, of course: short hair will save time in the bathroom in the morning, and thick and long hair "in have enough under the hood "to dry without the device does not fatigue and crashes after 6 months). What a blow!

* The BaByliss 6670 is very simple to use, it has:
- 2 modes of air flow: normal or powerful
- 1 turbo mode, which sends wood! : Perfect for very busy people (short hair is dry in seconds with this mode, darling love it!)
- 2 heat flow modes: hot and very hot (the second to be used sparingly to avoid burning the hair, alternating with the "cold air" mode)
- The essential cold air way: to use at the end of drying, finally to "fix" the motion and limit the fallout of brushing

* Big strong point of this model, it broadcasts a "Ion Flux" avoiding-static electricity (especially on fine hair): the principle is to disseminate negatively charged ions that attach themselves to the hair loaded positive ions: this prevents static electricity very efficiently delivered by drying and rubbing the brush ... finished electrical hair styling end!
As such, it is really bluffing against a hairdryer "classic": the hair is soft, although easier to style and shiny.


* Box of solid and simple storage: no over-packaging the nuts and unnecessary polystyrene. The hair dryer and accessories arise in the box and basta!

* Made in Italy (and not China, which justifies - among others - probably the price)

* Warranty 5 years


The price is not very cheap, but the power, quality, and effectiveness of this hairdryer worth a visit!

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