Samsung NX Mini with NX-M 9-27mm in Test

Samsung NX Mini with NX-M 9-27mm in Test

Samsung NX Mini Smart System camera (20 megapixels, 7.5 cm (2.9 inch) display, Full HD video, image stabilization, incl. 9mm Lens) (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have copied the review of my blog below. More information and many test pictures can be found here:

Samsung NX Mini Gehaeuse Body KameraDie Samsung NX Mini is a compact system camera or a smart camera that offers the typical features and some special features. Thus, the screen 180 degrees can be swiveled upwards, so you can optimally create Selfies. In addition, the NX Mini offers the RAW file format and has an interchangeable lens bayonet, which should be exciting for a camera this size. The incredibly compact housing with fully charged battery stores about 650 pictures on a microSD card. But how useful is such a compact system camera for about 370 work in practice?

First, however, only some information on the most important technical data:
1 inch "big" 20-megapixel CMOS image sensor
Jpeg and RAW
3 inch display with 460,800 pixels
max. ISO 25600
folding screen
110 x 62 x 23 mm at 271 grams

High makes the NX Mini a very good impression. Some time ago I wrote about the Samsung NX300, much like it is with the NX Mini. The shutter button has a good pressure point and the buttons on the back are felt and also have a good tactile feedback. To turn on the camera, you have to press a button. A switch would have liked something better. On the right side there is a flap under which the memory card slot, the huge battery, HDMI and USB port hidden. Everything seemed very tidy. The display is good, but could be resolved somewhat higher. The touch screen works well, keeping unfortunately a bit shaky the camera due to the small housing, so it is at least noticed. Otherwise, the screen responds well and can be controlled via the now usual gestures. The display can be swiveled around 180 ° upwards, so you can see yourself in the live image and very well create Selfies. If the camera is off, it will turn on when you move the screen up. In addition, the swivel function of the display is of course very convenient when shooting at ground level.

Since I usually rumhantiere with slightly larger cameras, the NX Mini looks very small in my hands. There are only a very small thumb rest on the back that no further shaped and is very hard. Also on the front, one misses a small grip. Therefore, the camera is not quite perfectly in the hand. Sony can do better with the slightly larger RX100. Because of a few millimeters thick and a few grams of weight, you have to have something to lose maneuverability.

The Samsung NX-M 9-27mm lens effect by the mere "size" something delicate. Unfortunately, this impression also supports the feel and function. To activate the lens you would first manually extend and rotate to 9mm. There are two small pitches, confuse something. In addition, the zooming is somewhat rudely and dragging. It feels kind of cheap. That way you get even better. Another point of criticism is the lens cap. This can be easily solved with a little finesse. However, keeping the cap then only to the front fingertips firmly, so these times quite unintentionally directed toward the floor. One can also solve better. But - and this is a big but - so important is the feel of the lens not because this does not affect the image quality.

WLAN / WiFi with standard Android and iOS apps is available, even easier to mate even via NFC. The NX Mini can also mutate into a baby monitor. Triggering via smartphone and see the live image will be understood. Even videos can be controlled. The pictures to the computer or smartphone can be sent wirelessly, is standard.

With such an "I-will-be-taken-camera" I miss a GPS receiver. That's too bad, but to get over quite.

Image Quality
Most will not be interested simply because of the size and the features of the Samsung NX Mini. Interestingly, the small system camera is only through but relatively high image quality. This follows not only from the fact that it has a 1-inch 20 MP image sensor, but only the RAW file format and interchangeable lenses complete the package upwards from. Where already able to convince the following jpegs.

The lens
In conjunction with the 9-27mm lens the small Samsung NX Mini really seems to emerge, which I at first only suspected. The image quality is in terms of sharpness and details many large SLR in every way and at 20 MP. Here is already making a small zoom lens - what on the 35mm format equivalent converted a focal length of approximately 24-73mm - an incredible amount. Below I have uploaded some crops.

Autofocus and image sensor
When the focus of the NX Mini sits, then you are really surprised by the sharpness of the small. Unfortunately, not always true of the focus. Especially with macros or smaller motifs which is the puzzle. With the NX300 I was very happy that NX Mini can not catch up here unfortunately. Successful macros are often only possible with manual focus. For larger motifs of focus fits naturally almost always. This is due to the very high depth of field. Although the 9-27mm lens with a maximum aperture of 3.5-5.6 anything but high speed, but also with better lenses is you will find it hard to create images with a strongly blurred background. In macros that looks naturally somewhat different, but at the portraits is more difficult. This is due to the then but slightly smaller image sensor. 1 inch is very large for a compact camera, compared to a DSLR it was rather small.

As noted makes the NX Mini sharp and balanced images. The automatic exposure is well balanced, the automatic white balance adjusts and also the dynamic range is very good. Course at 20 megapixels and a 1-inch image sensor, the individual pixels of the image sensor are relatively small. Experience has shown that this ratio for a stronger noise is known. This applies just as well to the Samsung. What is still very sharp in daylight, starting at ISO 400 is noticeably worse. First, however, some ISO test shots that are somewhat brightened and trimmed. Accordingly, the examples shown here in practice, act better, but so you can make very nice tendency for noise visible.

ISO 200 is really very good. From ISO 100 is not recommended because it rushes more than 200. ISO ISO 400 is slightly worse, ISO 800 has been a loss of detail. ISO 1,600 more a bit mushy and ISO 3200 increases the blur. ISO 6400 should only be used in exceptional cases, where ISO 12800 is not much worse. ISO 25600 is overall uniform useless;)

In order for the NX Mini is indeed light Stark, but with limitations in the image quality. Although one should be aware that even a noisy image in black / white looks better than no photo.

The RAW file format
Furthermore, there is the NX Mini Samsung own RAW file format "SRW". RAW files characters, as they uncompressed include 100% of the excellent image information by chance in the image post-processing from. The jpegs of Samsung are already good, but by the RAW files can get even much more. The following RAW images I have worked with Adobe Lightroom a little.

To make yourself a picture of the possibilities of a RAW file, I have put together a package of 4 RAW images, which you can download free you here:
Samsung NX Mini RAW files

Self Portraits aka Selfies
Through the foldable display the NX Mini is of course very good care of themselves and others Selfies to make. Today, if you look through Facebook and that seems to be an isolated phenomenon, but rather the rule. In addition, you can record with this camera also projecting videos of themselves while live can be considered doing so. Ultimately, however, everyone must decide how often he actually created Selfies, definitely you have the option to make this comfortable.

Yes, the NX Mini can also video, 30 frames per second in full HD, ie 1920 x 1080 pixels. In connection with the Selfie function good "Youtube camera";)

Although the NX Mini has already installed an internal flash, although an external flash is included. This is connected via the connection at the top (see picture above).

In addition to the dozens of menu items and a variety of modes that can be selected in the Samsung, the panorama feature is always very exciting for me. This object is achieved by the Samsung to my complete satisfaction)

Samsung NX Mini test images sample images Outdoor Landscape

The Samsung NX Mini is already an interesting package, which I really want relativeren the buyer circle something, because not everyone benötig such a compact system camera. Nevertheless, you want to be very mobile, requires a really good image quality, photographed mostly in bright light and not least himself, the NX Mini is a nice package at an acceptable price.

If you want to not change the lens while still remaining compact, the Sony RX100 is very interesting. If there should be a bit bigger, of course, the NX300 is the first choice.

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