Satisfactory alternative for GoPro

Satisfactory alternative for GoPro

MIDLAND Helmet Camera Midland XTC400, C1106 (Electronics)

Customer Review

For my lost GoPro only two alternatives came to vote. Garmin Virb or XTC400.

Ultimately, due to the better image, according to tests I opted for XTC.

The app was also found for me only with guidance and enhanced search.
The Cam came only with a Quick Start Guide. Manual must be obtained online.

However, the app is really very helpful. Here one needs no viewfinder or must merhmaligen
Try to find the right position, but simply switches on his Android phone or tablet
and sees what is recorded later. In app itself can then various settings
are stored. Even the current battery charge level can be seen there well, as well as the
Capacity of the SD card. Also here you can set the zoom.

The WiFi network works via Wi-Fi. As long WiFi is enabled, takes via the Start recording
Button long time presumably due to the initialization of the radio interface. Is a smart phone or similar
connected, the record operation on the ActionApp is initialized and does not have the regular
Button. The establishment of the network is eigendlich Kinderleicht. Here you have a password or the like
be entered. The network of Cam is displayed in the network list, and everyone can immediately
access it. An organization is not required here. Only the app.
The image delay of Cam for tablet / mobile rests with me somewhere between 0.5-1 second, so it already
very high for several Anwenungsgebiete, but sufficient for positioning and various experimental video and
Remote activation.

The Cam simultaneously stores two files from when recording. For this, one can thus approximately 2GB less
Memory card capacity reckon (with a 32GB SD card).
After my first test of the battery was after almost 3 hours of near the end, and my 32GB SD card was filled to 10 GB. (Setting each HIGH with 30 fps and WVGA 120, light compensation OFF)
Made possible the capacity improved slightly, since I had not really paid attention to the charging time, but 4 hours at
new battery would normally have to do. But I think at the advertised five hours, I can not really ran, but the SD card (up to 32GB as opposed to new GoPro with 64GB) will be here anyway faster at the end)

The recording quality is sufficient but not really compare with even old GoPro Hero 1. Here is this to me
1080p video worse before than the 720p of HERO1. In the video, a medium strength is with me rushing, so not really sharp as I'm used to it from my old ActionCam. Especially at wide angles it is unfortunately a miserable topic. Somewhat distant
Objects are difficult to recognize in a wide-angle video when then finally a regular bad image
Moreover, it makes no more fun to relive his motorcycle tour. In contrast values, white balance, light-dark changes, etc. I assume that a not really,
However, roughly the Cam unfortunately a few years back here depends, as even the large 12 MP can be anywhere on it
are praised stand or 1080p.

The lens can be respectively 90 degrees right or 90 degrees left plus. Middle position (stepless) twist. That's how I find worth a fat Plus.

The brackets I find unsatisfactory. By 3M the bracket sticks very good, but the included equiqment is an absolute minimum. Although you can expand here, but compared to GoPro, acts here
accessories cheap. The holder balls have a smaller dimension, making it difficult possibly several already existing
Mountings Navi etc. use. The currently most often use anywhere RAM Mounts are usually provided with a 1 inch ball.
Unfortunately, here is this not appropriate. However, the holders are provided with a security lock slot. Anyone who wants to can here
a matching rope, cord or the like on the Cam Holder secure from loss. Also worth a good Plus

The underwater housing is designed as regards holders as well as the actual CAM. Side sliding sleeves, and
a thread at the bottom. The lens cover degrades regularly captured image of Cam not really.
The closure is quite easy to use, but you should still here tightness
eighth to the tightness to ensure. Although I am not aware whether there are spare parts as with other CAM, but
the replacement of the lens cover of the case, I imagine quite sobering. The screw heads are quite
low which presupposes on the one hand, special care (more than normal), and the screws are genaz normal into Plexiglas
embedded, etc. without metal thread I think when replacing the lens cover can here increased outbreaks
and especially leaks lead.

The charging of the cam is provided by a micro usb connector. A power supply or the like is not included.
Unfortunately, it is also not possible to take a video or photos, while the cam is in the charging process.
For some situations or applications such as FPV and Co, the cam is therefore limited to recommend.
However, the load must also remain open the door, which is not removable. This alone is a regular
Shop in operation inadvisable, even if it would work anyway. Whether the cam transmits a live stream on the
HDMI port, I know not, but again (mind you in operations in which the cam is under certain environmental conditions and forces acting as the FPV) the operation is not advisable because of the flap.

My conclusion at the end compared to a GoPro Hero 1:

Although I got the Cam for ~ 225 and it is therefore very veil güstiger as a new GoPro, in the end the only benefit the one-button operation. Of the her recording it is much worse than a GoPro the first generation, which does not improve the LowLight function. So Who mediocre Videos sufficient and in any Euro
must look but do not want to have too cheap stuff, is well served with this cam. The Cam is feht but
at the end of real allround abilities, however, the GoPro is here not only priced a high benchmark.
But regardless of whether or XTC400 Gopro. At the end you have to at every CAM, not only on the price compromise.
An absolutely perfect Cam does not exist.

I myself do not regret buying, but only because I thought so, these are not just to look alone on behalf 100-200 price difference to the well in my eyes best ActionCam currently.

OK for the price 47 Rank: 4/5
October 25
Good value for money 78 Rank: 4/5
March 31
Totoro resembling Totoro Rank: 4/5
December 4
In the slums of London Rank: 4/5
June 10
Practice 763 Rank: 5/5
March 3
Yes ... 209 Rank: 4/5
June 1

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