Schick but unfortunately not very well thought out

Schick but unfortunately not very well thought out

AEG PerfectMix 1.2 hp high performance blender PremiumLine 7Series SB 7500 (23,000 U / min perfect for smoothies, 5 speed levels, 1.65 L Thermo-glass pitcher, titanium coated blade, LED backlighting) stainless steel (houseware)

Customer Review

Power has the AEG Blenders, already, but unfortunately the knife sitting in a depression, so that larger pieces (such as frozen mango) do not get caught in part and are unfortunately not pulled down. Since I use a blender mostly for the production of fast smoothies (ie TK fruit or fresh fruit juice plus / water or yogurt), I'm obviously very disappointed about it. because I do not only eternally kleinschnibbeln the fruit until it finally actually fits. There are other devices that are significantly better do it. Furthermore, there is (in my machine at least) to a rather unpleasant odor. Since you should but leave the unit at maximum fill eh only run a maximum of 2 minutes I see times over it, because the time is so manageable. This should definitely take into consideration but when purchasing the device. Because depending on the dish you may take longer for the cleaning of the machine, as for the work with the device. Especially since, etc. with the use of yoghurt vermixen to the purge using the tricks of warm water plus a little detergent does not work satisfactorily, at least for my device. I have to either rinse the container by hand or in the dishwasher (more about below).

Otherwise the AEG Blender provides several features. Total 6 back-lit buttons provide 5 different modes to choose from so you can choose between low and high mode, crush, or smooth pulse. These different features are nice, but sometimes I feel it as a gimmick, because you could also accomplish more flexible with a manually operated knob and thus even greater flexibility.

On the plus side is the fact that it is very stable. Visually, it is really nice to look at, so you can let him stand still in the workspace, which is highly recommended also because of the relatively high weight!

Good, I like that the pitcher is really nice and big. That bothers me that is at most other stand mixers. With over 1.6 l capacity there fits into a lot. However, in many courts a fairly small amount is recommended in the manual (presumably because otherwise the knife again not reach the higher layers and no suction is built down ...). The pitcher (possibly but without the blade unit, which is not as clearly explained in the manual), and the cover together with the measuring cup / closure are dishwasher suitable. However, when my device is the removal of the blade unit very stiff (ie I did not get apart), so I have decided in favor of giving the pitcher, including knives in the dishwasher. Probably not the point of it, the information in the manual, both in German and English are not entirely clear. It will be described how to cover / lid (unfavorable formulation, because if you read further, you have come to the conclusion that the lower cuff is meant) the knife away included. After that it is mentioned that one may give cover, jug and measuring cup in the dishwasher.

Apart from the manual is quite understandable in itself, but irritates me the 4-language version for German, Greek, Dutch and French (among themselves sorted) and then the additional single English version ...

For me, no must-have device, since it is not practical enough for my needs. Just as it is my opportunity device then too large to have to stand around it on the kitchen counter. As there are smaller and more efficient devices. Too bad.

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