Scrap - more is not to say!  With ADDENDUM - Tips

Scrap - more is not to say! With ADDENDUM - Tips

Unitec Wochenzeitschaltuhr, digital, for indoor use (tool)

Customer Review

I ordered two pieces of these timers in August this Jehres. Reason for the order was that I have a similar-looking switch for a heating pump in use for more than five years. This old timer works perfectly. And in this old timer is also a small battery compartment is present, by means of which you can change the built-in battery.

Not so with the time switch offered here: here is permanently mounted a "battery". The description says that one should the timer but put 14 hours into the power outlet, the battery would be charged and you could programieren the time switch.

Forget it!

In one of the two timers some indefinable characters appear after several days on store display, but all pressing, also the RESET button does not change the situation, no question of programming: the clock does not respond. And when I remove it from the wall outlet disappear the signs after a few keystrokes.

The second clock has to give, despite almost week long stay at the outlet does not condescended ANY sign of life, no signature, nothing. Press button - no response.

Only that both switches on the rear panel is lockable be noticeably warm.

My guess is that these switches are a allerbilligste China Scrap imitation. Thus, completely useless and worthless.

I would have thought it a mega-mischance to have received two defective devices at one time, but other customer reviews in recent weeks to teach me a lesson: SCRAP!

Amazon would do well to take these things out of the program or to locate a reputable supplier.

******************* Addendum 27. 9. 2014 ********************

Having druchgelesen some reviews still following comments:

1. The total failures and the "forgotten program times" are all expected to be on the built-in battery. This should partly be either miserable or by long storage (deep discharge) break. A bauähnliches older model with replaceable battery (button cell) is doing with me for 8 years his service with original battery!

2. "Turns when it wants" is often probably because the "Random" button (random times) was operated accidentally.

3. Set Absolutely on 24-time system, otherwise you will meschugge with AM / PM.

4. ON / OFF / AUTO key switches manually, AUTO, manually, AUTO, manually, AUTO etc etc. (AUTO = switching times according to the selected cycle), the status is shown on the display.
Going from "OFF" to "AUTO" switches further the unit remains off until the next PROGRAMMIETRE WAKE TIME ENTRY.
Going from "ON" to "AUTO" CONTINUE remains switched the power on until the next OFF TIME PROGRAM ADMISSION.
Want Depending on what mam so you can leave the unit on or off until the next set switching time changes the and then processes the further switching times.

Andrea Rank: 5/5
March 11
I love 99 1 Rank: 3/5
April 17
Very good product in 1406 Rank: 4/5
September 9

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