Sharp, thorough, gentle and suitable for all Mach-3 handles.  But why are 5 blades cheaper than 10?

Sharp, thorough, gentle and suitable for all Mach-3 handles. But why are 5 blades cheaper than 10?

Gillette MACH3 Sensitive Power Blades, 5 pieces (Personal Care)

Customer Review

Five spring-mounted blades to a (temporary?) Relatively low price. Safely stowed in a small plastic box. Each of these extremely sharp and sufficient for 5-10 shaves, depending on how much is to be shaved off. Beware any Mach-3 grip.

Everyone's skin is different. Whether dieserLubrastrip but actually brings something, I can not judge. In this small portion of the concentration of aloe vera should be so minimal that I rather suspect promotional blah hiter the Sensitive product promise.

But heck I do not care, for I had fortunately never had problems with skin irritation, neither cheap disposable shaving, even at this Gillette product.

But why five blades less cost than ten, is my understanding of quantity discount withdraws.

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