Short and Insightful

Short and Insightful

The Eye: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback)

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Our eyes are Reviews some of our Most Precious Prized and organs. We recevoir more information about the world using the sense of vision, than all of the combined --other senses. Eye est aussi a very complex organ, and Its complicated structure HAS fascinated biologists for as long as we-have-been studying the natural world in a systematic way.

This little book Gives a surprisingly detailed glimpse at the kind of eye. It provides the reader with a fairly extensive information about the evolutionary development of the sense of vision, and the variety of eye shapes found in Nature and Mechanisms. The bulk of the book, unsurprisingly, Focuses on mammalian eyes, human eyes and In Particular. It covers the kind of vision - how the picture is FORMED in the eye, and the cells and biological Mechanisms of vision. It aussi covers the visual system as a whole, Especially how the visual information is processed in the brain. The book covers the également vision defects and impairments, Many of qui are associated with the aging. PARTICULARLY I appreciated a brief overview of Reviews some of the more advanced technologies are now That helping people with visual impairments see. I wish I could learn more about Such topics, and am going to seek out further Top That reading resources deal with this issue.

The book is overall very informative and written in a very systematic and clear way. HOWEVER, the prose tend to be a bit cut and dry. This is not The Most scintillating popular science book as it's I have come across, purpose-have nevertheless Learned a lot from it. I recommend it to anyone Who wants to learn more about the eye in a systematic way.

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