Simple, beautiful, brilliant !!!  (Squaring the circle)

Simple, beautiful, brilliant !!! (Squaring the circle)

Motorola Moto 360 Watch connected Android device Wear for Android 4.3 and above - Grey Leather (Accessory)

Customer Review

Finally it's there, finally a real watch connected resembling a watch! :-)

Motorola has even pushed the refinement -the vice - to deliver in a round box: it'll be super easy to make a gift package, that.

Opening and ben .. it's really like on the photos: round, very sober, well made, beautiful finish (Silver Version) .. leather (gray) of the original bracelet is quite disappointing, even ugly, but it can be replaced easily (standard fasteners).

Level dimensions, yes, it is a little larger than a standard watch, but if like me you're used to wear big watches (Nixon, Diesel, Sector, Vestal ..) you will not be out of place, and you find it a bit small and very (or top) lightly. Ditto for the thickness.

But what strikes immediately with this watch is the frustration: battery requires, before starting to play with, it must be put in charge and wait (for precaution, I always do a first load 24, ie, is loooong).

The contactless charger "QI" is provided: it serves to support the watch whose display is rotated 90 °, so that you can continue to read the time.

Start-up is simple: just install Android on your smartphone Wear (available Playstore) and to be guided.

>>>>>>>>>> IMPORTANT: Check the compatibility of your mobile before buying: Wear Android can be installed on smartphones running Android in version 4.3 or higher.
The phone establishes a connection with the watch, an update is available: install.

Setting time / date is coupled to that of the phone.

A short tutorial guides you through the basic gestures: swipe left / right / down / up .. use is very intuitive.

You will find the voice command "OK Google" to which you are already familiar with your smartphone.

Incoming calls are displayed on the screen: convenient to see who is calling before leaving his phone from his pocket.

Ditto for sms: you can directly read on the screen (putting his glasses). You can even reply by voice command (like on your smartphone).

The screen goes to sleep to conserve power, but turns back on a simple wrist movement: it is possible to read the time even when we loaded arms (unlike other watches that needed to geek pressing a button or touching the screen).

The watch will vibrate slightly for incoming calls and sms .. I have not tested the notifications, because I'm not on facebook or twitter.

For athletes, there is also an activity tracker and a heart rate monitor (reliable).

Level autonomy, the watch should largely hold a day but no more (except the first few days because you'll play like crazy and make demos to all your friends) .. anyway, put the watch on the charge cradle Wireless evening is a natural thing that you will do without you even realizing it.

I noticed two disconnections, but my phone is not bluetooth reliability model (HTC One M7).

In conclusion: FINALLY a really shows connected elegant and practical, Motorola THANKS! :-)

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August 26
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December 21
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May 23
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