Simple game and just awesome - fun for young and old

Simple game and just awesome - fun for young and old

Asmodee - Days of Wonder 200 098 - train to train Europe (Toys)

Customer Review

We were looking for a parlor game that long-term fun brings.
In the digital age you would be but if the gameplay sometimes away from the flickering screen takes place and you make up in friendly company to spend some time on.
This is a great game of course support and now it should be time something new.
Monopoly brings trouble with it, train to train, it also has in itself. It is not without reason game of 2004.

The franchise train to train Days of Wonder is available in different editions.
There are now even India and the Netherlands.
The decision was between Europe and Germany in Europe, as the card but ultimately we liked a little better.
With regard to the America version the European map was more familiar to us, which is a bit easier and the route structure, because you can assign the places a little better. There are also stations which do not exist as in the America version

The game is simple in structure, easy to understand - and how can it be so simple games ever - they are often awesome.
And so it is with train to train in the European version.

Meanwhile, we have done a few games and had a lot of fun.
It initially was no telling who will win, because some luck of the draw and skill are included.

One begins to pick a color to draw a long distance card and receive 3 shorter route maps and its start-wagon cards.

Without going to explain the exact gameplay was told:
Train to train, you can play for two or even five people. There is the game red, blue, yellow, green and black.
A whole lot of excitement there is to participate in it, the more players. Because then the fight begins to stretch and you have also often looking for an unfavorable detour.
This leads to frustration before, but also brings the playfulness.

The packaging is a cycle time of 30-60 minutes. In fact, a game 1 - take 1 1/2 hours.
Must Especially in the first few games you look into it and find often looks where his long route to go really.

Man caught himself at it, as you look at the eyes of the enemy out of his route. Here the poker face is required so that you can keep it all for themselves.

Special playfulness brings the thrill especially towards the end of the game with them.
You start with 45 cars. If a player has only 2 cars (and it should make for his opponents), we may only make a train.
If you have not completed their routes, so there are minuses and seemingly secure victory is gone and you fall back.
The player with the longest continuous route will still receive at the end of another 10 points.
These 10 points can make the difference in the question of the winner.

Who the digital media but feels attracted more or supplement the board game so wants to also go to have fun, let me tell you that there is the game for the computer, Mac, iPhone or Android devices. You can play against each other, no matter what device you use. Assuming both units or more have the game.
The digital version is no different from the board game, but you have the map of Europe to the normal version to buy. On ebay there for the gaming platform Steam the normal version with the America map often cheaper than on Steam directly.

It comes with instructions on the games a code that entitles you to use the Days of Wonder platform.
You will automatically receive a 10% discount code for the gaming platform, with which you can buy in the shop.
There are waiting for both board games and digital versions of the games Days of Wonder.
Some of these are unfortunately more expensive than on Amazon. One should just watch when the purchase makes sense with a voucher.

Save time and a bit of luck you need to train to train no more.
The overall package convinced us and therefore there is a recommendation with full 5 stars.

Balance for Portable Rank: 5/5
March 26
SAV can! Rank: 1/5
September 18
Excellent 259 50 136 3042 Rank: 5/5
September 2
a bit expensive 3 Rank: 4/5
November 10
Real deal Rank: 5/5
April 10

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