Simply amazing!  5 1

Simply amazing! 5 1

Samsung NX1 system camera (Full HD Video, 4K video, 28.2 megapixels, 16-50 mm ED OIS Power Zoom Lens) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Well ... I have the camera since yesterday .. so that is still here no profound Review but more an expression of the first impression .. nutshell .. later I will then add:

1. The camera is incredibly comfortable to hold and in conjunction with the tiny Powerzoom you shoot well with one hand. Weight is naturally higher than that of a compact camera, but subjectively still not hard ... definitely the camera for me as a feel that you can still take good day and the size and weight forth a spontaneous shooting not verleidet..das me was very very important ..

2. The camera is incredibly fast and reactive .. everything goes without any noticeable delays ..

3. The operation is extremely simple and almost self explanatory (a little photographic education provided). It is almost always intuitively at least one of five different ways felt the goal. Basically, all functions either through the many controls and wheels easy to adjust or just about the very good touch. In addition, the i-Function button on the lens is an ingenious Schnellverstellmöglichkeit for all fundamental parameters when taking pictures (shutter speed, ISO, white balance). In addition, you can configure almost everything individually, reassign keys, etc. ... However, some buttons are not completely freely assigned, but you can choose only within an "on" button (eg autofocus) belonging list of functional alternatives.

4. viewfinder and LCD are top class, sharp, bright, contrasty, great colors and you see no pixels. Small smear: To completely lagfree as Samsung touted the electronic viewfinder is not .. at fast pans, especially in the zoomed out status jerky minimal .. but I can cope with .. the benefits of an electronic viewfinder with composition (image is displayed just like set on the camera, color, brightness, etc.) are all worth it.

5. The Connectivity is breathtakingly good solved .. you can really extremely simple send images via e-mail, directly from the camera out! .. Connect with PC, tablet, smartphone, tablet or smartphone by remotely control and and and .. I have not tried everything ... but what I've tried works well, simple and fast!

6. The first images are super sharp, rich in detail, color beautiful, low noise etc .. what you just come to expect from a camera in this price range. ISO 1600 is perfect. ISO to 6400 well usable for all sorts of things, with small drawbacks. ISO up to 25,000 are well .. with good finishing ok for remembrance photos, documentary and small Websachen .. So actually grauslich but sometimes better than no photo .. sometimes noise is indeed a design element ..
The colors of the jpgs is By Style and white balance differently .. innately a touch blue heavy seems to me .. me the look like though .. but if not is not that bad because you can actually control almost every aspect .. own white balance mix together .ready! .. or adjust image style (you can mix in the NX1 quasi own filter) ... but I really do not care because I always do almost only RAW images ... apart from a couple of HDR out of hand and so what ..

Small gripe: A Sandisk UHS-II card did not really interact with the SD card slot .. Federmechanimus in the card just could not rausgeploppt and have to be fished out .. That was so systematically with sharp fingernails. Whether this is due to the NX1 or Sandiskkarte I can not say. UHS-I cards are easily .. maybe it's the more contact surfaces in the UHS II card .. but still stupid, because the camera actually can use the quick cards. Otherwise, the card worked but ... only the handling was problematic. But because of H265 codec and much internal Buffer I need really only ne cheaper UHS-I Card Class 10 ... is enough even for long shooting 4K and ... that's at least now where the UHS II cards are very expensive, priced of course very pleasant.

Conclusion so far: discovered No really serious problems. Everything else really top notch. AF test and more detailed information I submit then over time after ..

Update 18:11. evening:
So now I have involuntarily also made the crash test and passed! Earlier I was scared my wife and the new NX is full tilt from the table (about 70 cm) fell directly on a wooden floor ... Au fright !! But everything heal .. no scratch ... everything works .. I'm sooo relieved ... and ok, one should be able to put away Profikam also a bit rough treatment .. have recently heard that Samsung also builds tanks ..... seems to rub off ..

Update on 11/21/2014:
Will always avid of the camera ... the images are simply great .. now have time images with fixed focal length 60 mm (90 mm miniature equivalent) made .. just great .. on portraits one sees when zooming the finest details, every pore, every detail .. colors and dynamic range are very good .. at the Raws one has a lot of potential.

Speaking of RAW: Lightroom knows the camera now since 5.7 and since update 5.7.1 also everything goes right (before there was a bug with chromatic aberrations, so update!)

For connectivity: Small Warning all send them to mobile devices, remote control, etc. Geotagging comes with Android until Android 4.2.2 !! With earlier versions goes nothing! Wanted to move to the other day images Tablet with Android 4.1 .. was nothing to do .. just use the tablet as Wlanhotspot and send images over the mail goes .. but allowed max. 7MB in the Appendix .. and only jpgs .. is just very limited.

The Samsung lenses (got me a few done) I do not want here to say much because it comes to the camera, but the following may be good to keep in mind: The little Powerzoom is light, has a great autofocus and Super Steady Shot (goes with me up to one second !!) and is extremely sharp (and of course, you can zoom to the ring and not only with the rocker switch, but allow a smooth ride in video mode), but only F3.5-5.6 ... the Samsung is quite strong for ISO APS-C but still it continues to apply the rule: the less ISO the cleaner and more detailed the image. Also the BSI sensor chip has its limits and the 16-50 mm (24-75 KB) F2-2,8 is expensive and not as compact, but I think it is worth a few low light situations I would have liked it already ... if I have money left over once again ... alternatively a cheap and bright fixed focal length .. the F2 30 mm (= small picture / full frame 45 mm) should be very good ..

What is the function I previously best find: If one half-presses the shutter button to set the focus, while the lens ring (= zoom ring) does not rotate zooms the lens but you will then automatically adjust focus manually and Fokuspeeking has the viewfinder !! Why this is so great? Because one in complex situations without somewhere rumzufummeln immediately easy can set a precise manual focus to where you want it and the auto focus for the next shot is right back .. ingeniously solved Samsung!

For film mode: Previously little done, but you can adjust everything manually: aperture, ISO, shutter speed and at any time during the needs to only the mode dial to Manual make ... Genial is the touch focus which you can set at any time to easy to focus on another point in a scene !! Who says he does not need Touch with a camera, simply has no Ahnung..oder is snob because he has no ;-)
Movies are super high .. playing 4K movies in their native format but H265 is only possible with a few players and potent Hardware..das is a future codec .. but Power DVD 13 and PotPlayer and yet another, I now
I forgot to go .. and you can recode the films even after H264, then run with all ... PotPlayer plays 4K / H265 incidentally also not quite as strong hardware smoothly from.

Update 23/11/2014: understand time a few small criticisms .. wrong .. i love the NX1 and the images can I do with it .. on Flickr you can see some of them, looking at real name Martin Elm .. but. nothing is perfect and a few things could have done better or Samsung Samsung can hopefully do better with firmware updates.

1. RED is sometimes oversaturated ... in red objects or surfaces textures easily drown in saturation .. on the famous test picture of Imaging Resource renders the NX1 all very fine, only the pattern in red cloth is running up ... and this is true for JPGs and RAW files for .. is therefore not only an error of JPG engine but the sensor is probably just very sensitive to red .. actually is the same with some Sony sensors similar .. soo bad as it sounds this is not but because you can reduce the saturation selectively in the red channel a bit in the post for example with Lightroom and then dip the structures on .. So you are basically available!
But it's still stupid and I hope Samsung fixes the .. there are also people who say, with an alternative raw developers, Raw Therapee (open source freeware !!) were the results generally much better, not only in terms of red .. I .habe not yet been tested, but the test images to actually show dramatic differences in textures rendering .. there all at DPReview .. in the Samsung Corner

2. No purely electronic shutter: Too bad .. I would have me very desirable to have the option for a purely electronic shutter namely once the are because of high shutter speeds to realize it, and secondly, and more importantly, because a purely electronic shutter completely is silent! I photograph sometimes at events where every camera noise is annoying and not really going .. the NX1 actually has a quiet and pleasant sound trigger .. soft and satt..aber heard he is in quiet surroundings just yet ... Fujifilm has in XT -1 resupplied firmware update ... I would also like Samsung.

Although criticized 3. The delivery was already in other Rezis .. no USB 3 cable, no Ladeschale..kein purse for Kitobjektiv ... although you can buy everything .. but costs an extra stop .. I find popelig .. is actually not to mention criticism of the camera, but for completeness .. On the other hand: a free Lightroom 5 is indeed what value .. if I had not only already had .. I think it would be wiser simply by Samsung to put together a more rounded hardware package. ,

(4. Last but not least, however, it is quite thick: The AF in low light .. So, the normal AF is great .. but when it is quite dark .. eg before, afternoon tea with friends, dim light candles ... .. since the phase autofocus contrast AF is no longer with and into play ... the one can help in which one uses the AF light of the camera .. there are situations where this goes ok .. but in humans is, as if you were someone lit with a flashlight in his eyes ... that is not at all .. and then, without this aid, the contrast AF of NX1 is quite helpless .. sometimes he finds a happy focus .. sometimes he pumped seconds back and forth until he place and sometimes he takes a wrong ... that can significantly improved at the same lighting, even my little Canon G16. Shame on you for Samsung engineers and rework !! remedies you can of course at the problem with the above-described very well dissolved manual focusing. . Although this is at Lowlight not perfect, because the function must Peeking see a contrast only times to show him, but at five-fold automatic enlargement find focus also pretty good ...) is no longer shown in the following .. Update:

UPDATE 05/01/2015: Samsung has now brought out the first firmware update, now at 1.10 firmware and thus the autofocus problems are in addition to some other bug fixes and improvements in the 4K video quality has been radically solved !! I would not have expected that it goes so fast and so thoroughly, but in principle, the AF problems Lowlight history. On the contrary, it is now so that the AF real grip without pumps in low light and focuses quickly. Especially in soft surfaces with little contrast (eg faces in semi-darkness), where there was the most problems previously, the AF is now easily the Focus ... so that Samsung can now deservedly flaunt the best autofocus in mirrorless system cameras. Even the interesting AF Video Test at shows that Samsung has done its homework. Well then, do go Samsung! Please now another eye autofocus mode (GesichtAF there) replacement delivery and the AF is perfect! This also shows once again how much the hardware can NX1, only one has to be also the algorithms to optimieren..ich'm curious what comes to firmware enhancements.

It occurs to me that I have not said anything about the battery power: Well .. supposedly predominantly somewhere around 500 photos according Cipa..1900 mA, in practice I experience after about 3 hours Drausseneinsatz in cold weather with about 250 photos and camera on or in standby mode, and with predominantly "Live View" display instead of Web Site use that power comes to an end. The NX has a precise action, percentage and battery level indicator can be estimated well, how much you can still make. Battery is therefore strongly recommended as always with system cameras, but not quite as much as some might mirrorless cameras the competitors ..

And yet something to valent impression of the camera: I think you act, apart from small details, overall very valuable .. sturdy, well-made, metallig, design is a matter of opinion, I like it well ..
very small drawbacks: The two plastic wheels for Aperture and quickly (in default mode) forward at trigger and back are very well placed, but for my tastes seem a bit too cheap .. somewhat broader version and perhaps Starwheel the NX would haptic clearly here upgraded .. also the plastic cover over the USB / Microphone / HDMI connections sit subjectively somewhat loose and liable only by friction of a tuck .. if the permanent actually liable or ausleiert with frequent use remains to be seen, but it makes me in a weather sealed Camera not quite confident impression ..

All in all, however, affects the NX for me clearly as a premium product, but it is reluctant implemented ... it does not show off with a striking retro style like Nikon DF or Fujifilm XT-1 or beefy mass as the full-size mirror reflections, but is rather sober, modern, practical, no frills , with a touch of understatement therefore ... Some people who see me with the little Powerzoomkitobjektiv, hold also for a new bridge camera ;-) .. I like that .. attracts thieves do not like that ...

Update 11/29/2014: First I have to worry about the air here sometimes stupid reviews of people that some detail does not fit because of delivery, or in which the ordering process what went wrong and then assign one or two star and rumtönen of for Samsung would not professionally, etc. ... so what to do with an assessment of the quality of the camera or the system ?? Sure you can and should mention something .. if that's a very important one takes hold times a rating point from .. but as a star bother with "rage out from the belly" ratings because of Schnulli has the wrong color, but is highly unfair and unhelpful. Anyway, I'm not a Samsung Fanboy .. I HP-Psychotherapist and case workers in the main job and the way of ambitious amateur photographer .. I have also neither Samsung mobile phone, TV, tablet or something and get no other benefits also of my writing here. I'm just being honest convinced of the quality of the camera (and lenses) that gives me a lot of fun, great images creates and has 100% working reliably. Not a single hanger system, no lens wobbling in bayonet or other stuff which you can read here. Either people have a Monday or they want to copy Samsung here simply make bad .. So do not be led astray .. now there are indeed quite a few reviews, and confirm my positive experience throughout.

And now even to the point: Specific Shops in the camera: I think it's basically completely right and important that the battery can be charged inside the camera. In everyday city life I prefer prior to the second battery in a charging cradle to charge, because I then the camera was free and must rumhantieren not so much with fiddly small plugs, but when I'm long on the road .. perhaps even on a longer tour in nature, with no electricity, I think it's great that I can use to charge the camera battery a tank (NEN handy battery storage using a USB connection) or the car cigarette lighter, my notebook etc. The spare battery is in my opinion quite expensive, Samsung wants 69 list price for it .. my exceedingly friendly MediaMarkt seller gave me my confidence but sold him much cheaper .. The charger I have also ordered ...

Update 19.12.2014: Now I have the battery grip and the battery charger. Charging cradle costs 19.90 and does not include an extra cable. Closing the camera at the included USB charging cable (or even any MiniUsbKabel) to the shell .. super .. finally no more fumbling with plugs into the camera ..
The Battery Grip comes with no extra battery .. must therefore be to buy. The handle itself is high quality. The camera becomes a bit more difficult but can be even much better halten..normalerweise found my little finger no more space on the camera handle .. with B-handle packs fed up .. the whole hand, and of course there's a second timer (for vertical position of the camera) and two other rotating rings for adjusting aperture / time ... more tripod socket in the optical axis is, of course ... and the lowered weight has the advantage that the camera with at least 16-50 mm S lens stops depends on top-heavy belt around my neck ..

Sooo .. now lacks only the FishEye and 50-150 telephoto S and the equipment is complete .. For now, just make money .. maybe with the class photos from the NX1.

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