Small and complete 1

Small and complete 1

YHhao 16GB 16GB Slim Digital MP4 / MP3 blue, media player with 1.8 (Electronics)

Customer Review

The Company offers YHhao MP4 / MP3 16GB versatile small and not heavy at all: easy to live every day, with finesse and simplicity, pleasant feel without any roughness. No need to install a program on the PC (this is sometimes very useful, especially on holidays or PC failure :( ...) no need for additional memory card.
Lightweight and very elegant, it is well in hand, (not plastic especially: a small aluminum that elegantly dressed.)
For cons, the keys are a bit wayward, but with a little bit of practice, it is managed very well.
No complex to use in public, does not attract much attention much less a product much more complex but more expensive.
Sometimes I hesitate to make use of mine in public transport, for example, or lend to a child.
Here the concern is resolved.
After some manipulation:
- Player .mp3 / .mp4 / .wma / .ASF manageable: soft, a little longer to load than the "big" but nothing more.
Integrated Software support interesting, lets you know the present program, author etc. of course if the information is available upstream.
The backlit display, very useful to all levels: in the dark, a screen to better distinguish still a little too small, would stay again.
- AMV Videos not bad (you can download a conversion program for free on the Net) not bad, just the small screen, because of the design of the device, it is better not have too many problems of view with my impaired vision (former head trauma and accident), this does not do too much.
I can not say more so for colors or sharpness rendering.
- Ebook, not test either for the same reason. I need a larger screen.
- Games available and unfortunately not tested either.
- Satisfactory FM Radio.
- Recording function a bit basic, will not replace other equipment on this point but will troubleshoot occasionally it works.
Some operations require a little practice and skill (a child uses without manual: they grew up with these devices!)
Note that it is not in French. However Pictures help.
USB cable charging of the device and PC connection for transfers, audio helmet against very limited and that is unfortunate.
It is often better helmet home, do not hesitate to use it. (Audio port 3.5mm standard).
For the occasion, I took the opportunity to draw attention to the harmful effects of loud sounds, even if the devices are clamped, they can and prolonged listening too intense noise levels, damage your hearing permanently!
Do not be evil and protect the young. The mean fine without overly pushing devices.
Finally, I like this little device that lets you listen his favorite songs in the subway or public transport without fear for its latest generation Apple (although more expensive)
Do not drop it, do not expose it to cold and sunlight, it goes without saying.
Incidentally, this unit is not waterproof: no hope to swim with.
Now it goes well with gym sessions at home as abroad.
I recommend it especially for audio playback function and the radio if you can capture it.
Good small device that has made much progress over previous versions-as much, I got one that quickly ended his days in the garbage - A bigger screen is a plus, or at least the possibility of connect (one port more to consider?) to an external display.
I recommend it, especially for daily and preservation of more expensive drives (on loan or gift to a child).
One loses nothing in sound quality.

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