Small and handy, yes, but with streaky performance

Small and handy, yes, but with streaky performance

Philips HP6393 / 00 Satin Compact Body and Face Trimmer (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

The Satin Compact Body and Face Trimmer Philips comes in a chic white and pink in a small Kartönchen home.

Packt one carton of expect a handset the size of a portable Parfümzerstäubers, two towers with small Rasiermesserchen, tweezers, a small cute bag for the accessories, a cleaning brush and a eyebrow attachment.

First sort everything and lie down, then insert the batteries and look first. Since I had no idea whether the razor is sharp or not I terms of looking at me the first particles a while and looked in the manual. But the promised except for a few pictures hardly text except the usual warnings that one just has so attached to electric razors.

At least the pictures made me suspect that the shaver for the following applications to be suitable:
Large razor: Shaving legs, forearms, shoulders and feet (I'm thinking more like men)
Small razors: parts of the face in general, smaller parts of the body with a few hairs and eyebrows.

The batteries are installed quickly, the essays alternate not easy so easy and it's already considerable Fummelarbeit since both the essays themselves and the locking knob are extremely small. Well my little wife hands can do that, but my husband's hands were a bit too large and coarse for such small accessories.

The short essay for the face, the device provides good results in the face. Small, random hairs are shaved off reliably. Who may suffer approaches a ladies Barts is also quite well-served with this unit. The eyebrows can be very good with the razor shave cleanly and bring in shape. Here one should as far as possible but be careful not wegzurasieren too much. That happened to me the first time since the eyebrows towards the end then slightly shorter than intended. Even in men can be personalized with the small essay eyebrows shave good clean. Here should be noted of course that you have to do the little shaver due to the amount of hairs often using the enclosed cleaning brush clean so it works properly.

The big tower, however, was a bit disappointing in my eyes. Thought he has for armpits, forearms and legs. First of all, had the top with a little oil to process because he did not really run around as the motor of the handset was not able to rotate the razor permanently evenly. After the oil unfolded his action went a little better but overall remains the essay below expectations.
One can perhaps remove stray hairs large areas on the legs but never all the hair as you would do for example with disposable shaving razors or of Gilette, among others, and the like on the lower legs. But the knife is still too small and especially the engine too weak. But what you can do is quite small stubble caused a few days after shaving underarms carefully wegzurasieren. For size and power of the knife is not enough, however, for a Neurasur or shave after several weeks. Thus, the applications remain significantly limited because of the knife and the engine power of the handset.

The eyebrow attachment could be put on and could thus shape the eyebrows in a way, but cut like in the product description from Amazon given was not with me. The engine was again determined to weak. For safety's sake, I have also changed the battery to make sure that the problem is not here but was unfortunately could still cut no eyebrows. Well it bothers me not I shave or pluck eh prefer.

For the tweezers supplied in standard is then to use quality good. If you then as I still forget a thing or two hairs in the eyebrow area or simply not caught is the tweezers quite well to remove them before they completely apply to the razor the last remaining eyebrows. The tweezers is standard quality and makes a solid and good impression and is perfectly adequate for the purpose.

The cleaning brush is small, handy and indispensable with regular use of the razor. Using the small bristles can remove the shaved hair well and quickly so that it is behind again hygienic and ready for use.

The razor itself is small and handy fits into any handbag, swimming bag, suitcase or gym bag and makes it so versatile that I really like. The knife is in this case, well protected by the robust cap which also includes very well and can not break, bend or dull.

Although the small really cute white bag with the Philips logo can not accommodate the handset but is home for reliably all accessories as replacement blades, cleaning brush, Augenbrauenformer and tweezers. It closes with a drawstring at the top so that can really fall out nothing (after all the parts are very small and I do not want to have to look in the trunk).

The experiences are mixed. On the one hand doing device in some places really excellent work, but it works other places below average. The handset works in the processing while but solid also puzzelig by the small form in a few places.

That it is so small, handy and comfortable and can be taken quickly by the bag and accessories I forgive terms instead of the envisaged 3 star but 4 stars, albeit with a pressure-closed eye.

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