So small and yet so loud!

So small and yet so loud!

EasyAcc DP100 Ultra Portable Bluetooth 4.0 speakers with microphone and AUX function, 25 hours. Time. Color: Black (Electronics)

Customer Review

Who is looking for a really small but really good sounding speaker (4.0 = energy efficient) can be connected to all sorts of devices, via Bluetooth, can find it here.

EasyAcc's DP 100 offers a highly compact speakers in my opinion, really awesome sound, unique and I say the same first I miss something the bass. But what you'd expect from a device of this size? The speaker can be use operation for about 15 hours in playback, the limit I am so not even approached, but I have outside barbecue in the garden and the Speaker used all the time without ever the connection is lost or the battery would limp made. Nor could I accept calls with the speakers, the quality was on my side just fine, the opposing party has, however, complained about double Listen ...

If you have a Bluetooth device, you can connect the speakers via 3.5mm Aux jack, so you can use the device with any really known to me the current smartphone or tablet, or even a PC / MAC.

These are but I do not think the main arguments for the speaker, they are in my opinion the industrial, cool but really nice design. The speaker is gray / metallic, decorated above a chrome-like strip the edge of the device. The Easy ACC lettering not bother me, but the mesh around the case is over a looker. It slightly reminiscent of the Sonos Speaker, I have never tasted and can not say anything to compare sound in that direction. But I could see that for the price is not much more goes and price similar Bluetooth speakers to listen in direct comparison worse. A plus point to have the best sound ... Even with higher volume remained sound surprisingly clear.

The use is very simple:

1. Activate Bluetooth,
2. DP100 hire (rear switch, On)
Coupling 3. Devices
4. eg Spotify play a playlist.

That was really easy, even my not so tech-savvy friend could use the device directly and was also amazed at the wealth of different pitches and the clarity of the overall impression. So small and yet so good. It is just not always on the size that you say yes .. ;-)

So as I said, I have not maxed out 15 hours but hear in the garden 3-4 hours grilling, 1-2 hours in the bathroom while bathing audiobooks anything was possible without problems.

I also have no sound-stutterers in disconnections that were not just because I am accustomed to another, noticed. But there is a small delay of 1-2 seconds when playing the music on the speakers, but that does not bother me. Another small negative would be for bass Tracks Intense this noticeably absent, would now but also not thick built subwoofer expected. But it can read aloud, the little man, and without losing the quality.

What was a little weird for me changing the speaker + and - to the next song ... ^^ The volume I can operate only over the phone. Used to, but no problem for me because I use the speaker only via smartphone.

I find the DP100 very well for almost all everyday use scenarios, calls except I'd Happy with it and going to one of the juice from both Aux and a USB charging cable (without plug converters) are included. In brief, there is also a video on my Youtube channel to this speaker, there you can then see the quality. Price / performance is great, I would say!

Addendum: The initial hype continues ... I use these speakers now almost exclusively on the Macbook and iPad. Super cool part!

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