Solid and compact travel tripod with a high utility value

Solid and compact travel tripod with a high utility value

SIRUI T-1204X Traveler travel tripod (Carbon, height: 140,5cm, weight: 0,94kg, load capacity: 10kg) with bag and strap (Electronics)

Customer Review

as there are only 6 reviews on this tripod, I can contribute something to the judgment perhaps. I have the Sirui T-1204X received today after a very short delivery time and could already compare well with my predecessor stand. That was a Dörr A10, a middle-class aluminum stand for the time around 100, -. After 2 years, it was then broken (an aluminum tube has dissolved in the pipe connections and slips now undress the leg sections out easily: not repairable).

The dehydrator was quite stable in the state. However, that bothered me the long dimension in the retracted position and the high for longer hikes weight of 1900 grams incl. My ball head Sirui G10 (280gr). Length and weight led attached to an unfavorable weight distribution during transport to the backpack. Here I have promised the new Sirui lot.

The Sirui tripod came well packed incl. A stand bag and another short center column + something Allen tool with me on. Overall, it makes unpacking a measured at low weight stable impression. It is 3 times extendable and triple Snap, which also works excellently. The perceived quality is very high. The legs are tightened over Ringlocks. Are the screw bolt, the leg segments actually have some play (significantly more than when dried) which allerings no longer interferes, once you firmly rotate the fasteners. Advantage is that the legs of its own extension, provided unscrewed and placed vertically. This facilitates setting up the tripod.

Fully extended + tripod head is the camera easy to operate, without having to bend down very in height. When the extended center column slightly stooping is required ... but is bearable. It is recommended that the center column not fully extend as the tripod then interacts with the camera on it quite unstable. The Dörr tripod has a slightly wider operating angle of the legs as the Sirui in the normal position. This is certainly an advantage if the stand is aligned in the field and contributes to the stability with. On the other hand, the required floor space at the Sirui is smaller, suitable for confined spaces. The steeper angle of attack is of course the extremely compact design of the Sirui owed.

Overall, the stability is but with my predecessor tripod roughly comparable, even if it is perhaps a little more difficult to align on the ground. In normal position it holds my Canon middle class loose with attached 200 Tele. Telephoto lenses with even longer focal lengths should then eh better use with larger and heavier tripods. Burdened you the Sirui tripod with some pressure on the leg segments, so give these little after ... absolutely no comparison with a cheap travel tripod. You will come across the 200 telephoto with 10x magnification slightly. so the vibrations soothe immediately .... is comparable to the dehydrator also roughly.

The tripod had dried just only 3 segments per leg with 2 fasteners (Sirui = 4/3) and it was about 10 cm higher - which is regarded as an advantage. But here's the main advantage of the Sirui: it is not only measured but also in practice noticeably lighter (940 gr + 280 gr ball head = 1220 gr) and thereby considerably more compact. . (!) One can namely folding legs once fully, so that the tripod then including tripod head K10 is only 40 cm long (the Stativkof then located between the retracted tripod legs, which loosely folded at the small head of Sirui - at a greater Head could be more difficult because the legs have to be then spread apart, depending on head width). The specified Sirui tripod 800gr weight are actually significantly understated and were perhaps measured without center column ... in any case misleading. For me then but not sooo dramatic, because I am as described by weight in conjunction with the compact dimension nevertheless very satisfied.

Taking up the tripod at a broader detent before, so that the legs stick out further, the tripod is almost unusable in my opinion, as it is very swings. However, this applies equally to the here compared Dörr tripod.

The feet are provided at the Sirui T-1204X with plastic caps and do not have spikes. These are included until the next tripod size of Sirui. My old Dorr had actually extendable spikes, which may, could be useful, I myself have the spikes but never actually used. Sometimes the spikes are inadvertently moved out, which can lead to parquet floors or similar damage.

Exciting it when I attached the Sirui tripod on my backpack was. It really shows its great strengths. The backpack (Loewpro Flipside 300) is now much easier with tripod and especially handy as even with the Dörr tripod. The focus is much deeper because the Staiv no longer over the backpack protrudes above and the tripod therefore no longer oscillates when out + ago Go. Also can now take the camera out much more easily, without having to remove the tripod. The backpack is pulled in front of the abdomen and opened the back of the backpack from above. The tripod case remains below the backpack and now disrupts almost not at all. Excellent! That was before 100 times more complicated.

Who wants to carry the tripod without a backpack, may use the attached superbly finished bag with shoulder strap. As described here several times, a large tripod head does not fit then, however, with in and must be transported separately. Although the installation of the head is done in no time .... the small bag remains a shortcoming. Who uses a smaller head (eg my already mentioned Sirui G10) can actually store the folded tripod with head still in his pocket.

As always, neat photo accessories is unfortunately quite expensive. Well 235, - for a tripod without head are not times out equally. The tripod is but tidy and has for me traveling and hiking invaluable benefits, with absolutely satisfying and practical use possibility.

In summary:

One should not expect miracles from the Sirui. With long exposures with wind, etc., or at extreme telephoto lenses more stable but will also significantly heavier and larger tripods are necessary. For nature scenes with predominantly normal and wide-angle lenses, it is quite adequate and transport as described above unbeatable. It is also an excellent workmanship. If it still really lasts longer than my predecessor tripod that has kept only 2 years, I give the Sirui for his purposes even 5 stars.

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