Some improvements, manual unreasonable, foreign inks have never been so easy to fill, printhead replace complicated

Some improvements, manual unreasonable, foreign inks have never been so easy to fill, printhead replace complicated

Canon Pixma MX925 All-in-One Multifunction (printer, scanner, copier and fax, USB, WLAN, LAN, Apple AirPrint) Black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Canon PIXMA MX925 all in one multifunction device

Despite considerable shortcomings (ineligible manual a real impudence, drum only 3 stars) I ordered a second MX 925. Both printers were supplied by Amazon within 2 days - what "dealer" in the net spread (2-4 weeks for delivery from Amazon) is unfair competition.
I marvel at the price. However, the deep price is only possible because it distributes the printer with a lousy manual, which was produced by people who have no idea obviously of practical work with computers and the needs of users. After a few months of use, I regret to say that the unit makes a total of only only partly fun. Drum only 3 stars. The inks trying cheekily strike and combines the use of individual pieces of software with a consumerism for Canon ink tanks, which are getting smaller. Order therefore immediately eg Hepp computer auto reset empty cartridges and corresponding inks, it pays heavy. Compared with the original inks do I get a saving of around eighty percent, if I ever leave the printer to the power supply, which annually costs a few francs. If you switch the printer off the power, he falls back into the known Waschzwang. Let precaution former printer software on your computer and load the program disk, which takes about 15 minutes.
When unpacking impressed that you can raise the relatively heavy device, in contrast to previous types easily with a strong carrying bag from the shipping carton. The old power cord of the previous model, to which I have a toggle switch mounted, I can continue using it. The existing almost exclusively of pictorial representations Installation Guide is easy to understand and clear. Pleasantly that MX925 a muzzleloader is. Both paper drawers are accessible from the front, which means that you can place against the wall the printer on the desk pretty. The lower drawer holds far more paper than we previously could not load and the load disturbances are significantly less likely than before to the rear paper feed. Is amazing how easy it is to now fix a paper jam. In the top drawer you can unfortunately not load A5 paper more, which is a big disadvantage compared to earlier models. I recommend the purchase of a second paper drawer. These can be commercially available as spare part with the item number QM4-2037-000 for CHF. 27.65 net plus CHF 15.00 shipping and VAT. Eg at [email protected] get.
Now one might be happy to inform about the printer newly acquired - each youth has now NEN slope to the printer manual. As it is, however adventurous, you will be whisked to the Internet and must now mühseligst by x difficult to comprehend ads shimmy, like a scavenger hunt. Formerly a printer manual was at least on CD, now you will be rotated by the digital mincer.
So let us take over with experiences of the previous models, something to practice. I need for my clients each one kit for the dossier on which the main data of the customers are recorded, even coupled with pre-designed templates which automatically personalized my program Praxsoft. The wallet I had been to print A3 160 g / m2 on previous models of Canon always on a very sharp folded sheet. I choose the settings you want and simply rejoice the printer in the lower cassette instead of the photo glossy paper demanded the borderless expressed my 160g Paper under, fold to the right, high print quality. And the MX920 prints it with flying colors, without mucking because of paper thickness and much cleaner than in the PIXMA 990 or 4850. So a very clear mechanical improvements, the 925 makes the MX to the top model.
Pleasant is also copying the document feeder. It specifies, for example a stack of 20 pages in the feeder and can by rushing it simply, even double-sided when needed. So you have no more to each side to lift the lid and change the template. A relief, but really it's not noisy. With different papers on a pile, the whole is quite a chore. And a disaster is how slow a simple copy is made of a single sheet - 125 seconds I have just measured.
The paper cassette produces significantly less load faults or jams as for example the rear compartment of the Canon 990th
Now I confront the printer even with another impertinence: I have at Hepp computer favorable Photo Paper A4 and ordered erroneously Such Mai of 200 g / m2. On the 990 and the 4850 I've always had problems with oblique feeding and printing was "high print quality" never quite clean also. When MX925 I have to load one sheet of photographic paper, the A4, otherwise the paper the underlying sheet pulls due to increased adhesion of the surface with one, which is at the top then and is therefore incorrectly printed. However, you can print with the cheap paper 10 x 15 cm 200g of Hepp from the top tray, this obstruction will not occur.
When bypass tray with plain paper from the bottom cassette of MX925 prints flawless here. Another improvement. And something else has produced positive results on: I have set up the printer in easy reach on the left of my computer workstation. The paper tray I just need to raise with the left index finger, all moving parts are automatically retracted as the aircraft landing gear. A small detail only, but the R & D department makes up for it in many ways, what botch the profit strategists with their Canon unworthy ink price policy.
The ink price but does not need to worry about us when we use the QuickFill Autoreset cartridges of Hepp and the corresponding inks. The cartridges are now reached the highest level of development and easy to handle without a lot of additional tools. For each cartridge, it may happen that the ink is not simply sucked into the chamber with the Kunststoffschwämmchen. Here helps a small pinprick in the membrane, which has the rear air outlet not released on the cartridge above - and Panta Rhei.
The MX925 comes with the software Image-Garden. According to many comments on the Internet, this software is not exactly top and I would rename rather Irrgarden. The so-called Quick menu, which one probably should rapidly lead to certain applications, is good for nothing. After today's day sufficiently known manner, it refers constantly to any Internet documents, but does not provide reasonable and rapid access for example for printing on CDs or for editing text using OCR. There contains nonsensical menus like "My Art" or "Premium Content Download", with which you can download any tasteless templates (eg Christmas cards, mother and child, etc.) - but only if all ink cartridges are recognized as original Canon cartridges. Under Swiss law, this would be an ILLEGAL retention of title or a shameless playing the market dominance.
Printing on DVDs with the inkjet works under the Canon MX 925 easiest when the earlier program LabelPrint "downloads at Canon and the former templates with format .cld used. One calls there on any template and can edit them or change and then notes that the printer has been latched. So just print.
Since the MX925 offers the highest resolution of any similar printer, you will like to use it to print out photos. I recommend, on an external USB 3.0 drive (Buffalo MiniStation extremely) to set up an image archive. Do you want to print images, click on the Quick Menu on the 5th icon from the top (arranging and printing photos). A dialog box theme and main characters "Select Cancel. Instead," it appears choose. Then click in the selection menu on the left to the computer first, then the drive to the photo archive, the folder, for example, a holiday in Italy 2010, which contains the desired picture. An overview of all the recordings in the folder. Click the image you want and take a few more settings and click Print.
Canon is trying to depreciate the use of a third-party inks with malicious and dirty tricks. Sometimes the pressure is interrupted and an error message appears, the ink level can not be correctly detected for individual tanks. One should replace the corresponding tank. But he is still half full might, if we look. So we push it back down. Now comes a message that it is a tank has been inserted, which had been empty ever - and the printer refuses to print. Pure preplanned harassment of Dirty Tricks department of Canon. Solution: Simply press the OK button.
However, the technology makes the dirty tricks of the price maximizers not without resistance with: We never came so easily to the ink tank when refilling with foreign inks. The new beveled Einfüllöchern for the rubber stopper of the Auto Reset cartridges Hepp computer you can even leave the tank for filling the printer. This is even highly recommended, because the cartridge drops sometimes quite nice when you take them out to replace. Tighten definitely latex disposable gloves.
My first MX925 printed unclean for about 2 years, which forced me auszuwechseln.Dabei the print head there is a trick: When the cartridge carriage to move to the replacement position, take out the cartridge and pushes the slide with gentle pressure a bit to the right, that the framework on which the color names are printed, can pull forward. Then you take the print head out, preferably with a small pair of pliers.

Handrick Rank: 5/5
April 11
Easier to change than iPhone 4 Rank: 5/5
April 21
Efficiency 3 Rank: 1/5
December 1
Heater well but all but silent Rank: 3/5
January 6
To be 12 Rank: 5/5
December 1

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