Something different than pabulum.

Something different than pabulum.

Divinity II: Ego Draconis (computer game)

Customer Review

Divinity 2 is one of the few games that have really surprised me in my life so far. Actually, you can say that role-playing games is clearly one of my favorites among PC games. So that you also know how you have to arrange my review, I provide a brief explanation of the type role playing, which I prefer.

In recent years, in my opinion, three different types of role playing games have evolved.

1. Online RPG's: for this kind of RPG like WoW, Guild Wars or Lord of the Rings Online, I can not say much because I'm not interested MMORPG's the bean.

2. RPG's focusing freedom: this example Gothic 3 or Oblivion TES include 4. These games offer large worlds with many side quests and large (often supposed) playful freedom. Here it's more about collecting items and explore the game world. Unfortunately, this is often at the expense of action, since such games usually have a short main quests, which are usually knit and rather formulaic and were a thousand times since.

3. RPG's focusing action: Examples would be, for example, Gothic 1 and 2, Drakensang, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, and so on. Here, there is indeed hardly a lot of freedom, many things are scripted, but you can usually enjoy a dense and interesting plot and the presence of characters that you can add them to groups is also often an asset to the plot.

Naturally, there are also some mixed types, which lie between these categories. Personally, I like games of the third group the best. I always prefer a good story and well-developed characters in front of a game world where you can wander to your heart's content and the way times can by bored through a badly made main quest (as happened in Oblivion and G3). But to each his own. Personally, I'd settle Divinity 2 between the second and third group. Below I will therefore list negative and positive points and give a conclusion at the end, where you have to note that I am a lover of the third RPG Group. It may also be that some aspects of the game have negative and positive sides, and therefore appear in both lists. Oh, and I've played through the game as a fighter. But first to a few general things:

many negative reviews here concern either the graphics or problems with bugs, crashes and instability. I must say that Grafikanbeter who believe that a game can only be good if it has the alleraktuellste graphics that surpasses anything else in my eyes are not true role player. The graphics in Divinity 2 is certainly not the top of the graphic Olympus, but it has to be the the first place? And if the developers have taken the trouble to meet the Grafikanbeter, we would have here again endlessly more complaints about hardware problems that are associated with the image and the minimum requirements. The graphics in Divinity 2 is good and how it also comes across a little more depending on the graphics board. In my case it is a Nvidia 9600 GT with 512 MB. Additionally, I have 3 GB of RAM and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ with 2x2,6 GHz. That was enough for me to play the game on the highest settings absolutely smoothly and the graphics I liked very well. Instability and crashes I can not say what. Although I had a single crash at the very beginning, but that had to do with the NVIDIA PhysX driver and after an update, the problem was solved. Also I have noticed no single correct bug in the game. This does not mean that there are no hardware issues with the game, as you can see in the developer forums. Many people who complain about the things mentioned but often insufficiently powerful hardware or programs on your computer that come to play in the enclosure. But I can not really judge the individual case ultimately. Anyway, have some problems and some have just no. So that's but with all games (just think of the problems that many had with G3).

. 2
Many complain about the end. I want here spoilen nothing, but I have to ask very. The end is surely not really the end of Divinity 2. The whole thing might may well end abruptly, but who exerts himself a bit, which will be surely noticed that many questions that have arisen in the course of the game, not even were not released. Moreover, Rhoda has us finally still not tried to kill because so is a score to settle. Furthermore, keep in mind all that developers of Divinity 2 have already announced a third part. History will therefore continue. So no alarmism or the game badly, just because you do not get cliché end with great Heldenfeier.


- There are really some very good musical (and original) pieces
- The graphics are very good, even if they are not dealing here with the ultimate
- The action is exciting and this voltage is also maintained in the game (the game play is not predictable and is varied and rich application)
- The skill system is quite friendly, you have to decide, although at the beginning of one of the three classes of fighters, mages and archer, but may ultimately acquire the skills of all three classes
- Skill Points gets you not nachgeworfen (you have already to some extent the distribution plan)
- The appearance of the avatar can be changed during the game at various NPC's
- As opposed to games like Oblivion, the character designs in Divinity 2 are well managed and presentable
- Side quests are and stay the whole game through interesting and varied (normally I hate sidequests, but here are really very well designed)
- Main and side quests complement each other, since the flow of the game is designed so that the main quest must be pursued if one wants to reach areas where there are more side quests, or you would like to conclude already received sidequests. You can perform many side quests, but if you "leegequestet" an area has, you have to spend part of the main quest again to make additional side quests available.
- Like in Hellgate London there is the possibility to prove the F1 to F3 buttons with a weapon configuration. So you do not always go into your inventory and re-equip but can quickly change in combat arms. Very convenient
- The quest log is beautifully clear and tidy
- There is a Dialoglog, where one finds the most important conversations
- To all the skills, there are small video to illustrate
- The German voice acting is very well done and all the dialogues and monologues in the game are vollvertont what is a very big plus (!)
- The level opponents do not follow the level of their own avatar, but are enshrined. In this way, the game encourages the player to complete side quests, so that he has later more easily in areas with stronger opponents.
- Dealers are not overloaded with all kinds of objects, so there is an incentive to go on Itemjagd
- You get your own fortress with staff, which can also be equipped as the game progresses. There you can also travel by Dragonstone and buy and sell things. But you should now not compare for example the Crossroad Keep in NWN2, but it is a nice feature of the game
- The inventory is a good size, but not a bottomless pit In addition, it is not a conglomeration of objects that simply make are randomly put into a sack at the prey, but in categories (eg weapons, armor, quest items etc) eigeteilt to make you look. cope better place
- The game has repeatedly deliberately managed to make me laugh übelst. For example it is possible that you encountered NPCs who perform Bavarian folk dances on request, talk Hessian or possess diverse accents. Even the one or other daring, slightly perverse, yet always ambiguous and comical dialogue held comment or encountered in the course of this game. And I never had the impression that the humor was forced, or rather serious atmosphere of the game wrecked.
- Unlike in other games, the control in this game is customizable
- The general architecture of the game I find very appealing and varied. Although Dungeons have a roughly similar structure, but are always beautifully designed, yet never really bored (with Dungeons eh not the focus of the game)
- You can fight both with and with two weapons. This changes the respective attack patterns of the avatar (there are about 5 - 6 different attack movements)
- There is the possibility of the thoughts of the interlocutor to read. This can improve their skills and knowledge and new conversation options open (but that is not very often the case). In any case, one can thus also influence the prices at dealers and gain advantage in that you know what the other is thinking. Watching: Telepathy will cost depending on the person a certain amount of experience points, but that part of the game in advance with
- The game showered with a high-class not prey.
- The "bad guy" Damian is shown not stereotypical terms as the Strunz stupid opponents whose sole purpose in the game is to destroy the world and to kloppen all broken. In fact, I have to say that I, quite understands Damian motives for what he's doing, just like I Lucian motives for what he has done, can not approve of necessarily. I just like that the game does not try to paint only in black and white world.


- Especially in the tutorial and at various other places in the game can be extremely annoying music and inappropriate for the medieval fantasy ambience
- The names used are again very unoriginal. How often have I now see the name Morgana already in movies, books and games, listen to and have to read? And similar to the Gothic series, we have here a colorful jumble of names that match in my opinion does not really add to the ambiance and each other (for example, Charlie, Lord John and stuff). Well, at least almost every NPC has its own name, which is quite something.
- You can integrate any own music into the game. As the game music in some places is a bit strange, I would have liked a simple MP3 folder in which you then can easily replace the unpopular title against own. Unfortunately, there is no such possibility.
- Your character and a silent Goblin are the only ones who do not speak throughout the game. The few lines had the goat also not made rich.
- The movements of the NPC's work sometimes wooden
- Transitions sometimes seem a bit unrealistic (eg slight blue tint near a waterfall which disappears abruptly when you move far enough away from him)
- The game physics is somewhat immature. Containers that can be opened, can be though bruised and upset or roll away, but containers that are standing around just as props can not be influenced (and there are many). In addition, the trees and the grass move, but flags (eg airships) remain rigid.
- The animation of running water is to put it mildly inferior (and, fortunately, hardly before), stagnant water provides much better
- Weapons are put away in discussions and video sequences and must be only pulled back. It's annoying because the Avatar must be stationary to and the player character that becomes a target for attacks
- Sometimes fights can drift into thickets. Since these are then not transparent as in other games, you then stabs blindly around in the area or falling down an abyss, which you may not see
- The collision detection is still immature because you can easily get caught on obstacles such as tables and chairs (but not permanently) or between objects can not go through that provide clearly enough space.
- It is even evade the Spring function extremely difficult magic and bow attacks
- If the character must swim times, it looks frankly pretty shit ('Scuse me)
- Camera position is not changed (no zooming in and out, no change of perspective), what bothers some players (for me it was no problem)
- Direct attacks with weapons can not be blocked (for this you can use only the evasion function, but sometimes can be difficult and cumbersome)
- Although the plot may well not be "off the shelf", but just in Divinity 2 to play again extremstenst the map from the "evil" villain who, although he has a dozen times the opportunity to simply stupid or snooty is me, the only threat to his plans, easily off with a casual gesture (plus he really had often the opportunity)
- I would have appreciated it if you would have the possibility to opt for one of the sides and either Zandalor or Damian or for themselves (ie the dragon knight) fight
- There is no in-game Spears (spears, halberds), crossbows and knives
- A little more depth of character for the NPC's, but also for your own Avatar would have been desirable (background information, biography, and the like), perhaps again an optional romance as in Baldur's Gate 2 or NWN2 (but please only optional)
- The Wegpunktschreine often worked with me not (were not activated with the Use button). At what ultimately was (whether game or PC), I do not know, but the problem has always been solved by short quick save and quick charging
- There is no day-night rhythm
- Overall I found the game a bit too short

Conclusion: Generally speaking, gave me Divinity 2 very much. the positive aspects of the game far outweigh. I want to play, do not compare except in some areas (as happened above), with other RPG's, because every game for a standalone product is, but one thing I can at least say who found games like Gothic 3, Hellgate London or Oblivion boring , which was warmly recommended this game, because more exciting than it is by far just mentioned. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised that such a little hyped game is now one of my favorites on the shelf. The game has to compare with any other game, even if it does not offer the freedom of G3 or Oblivion, and the like, even if it can not come up with the ultimate in bombastic graphics. The story is good and ultimately it is the quality of the story that decides whether you a game after ten years (as with Baldur's Gate 2) still like not playing or and remembered. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves, and it might be quite good to see even a few trailers and gameplay videos on Youtube. And please do not merely listen to others, because I would never have played some of my favorite games when I had listened to various defeatist. And again: there will be a third part or an add-on, which will continue the action.

I hope this review was helpful for some.

Works 229 Rank: 5/5
October 2
A very rewarding discovery! Rank: 5/5
February 19
Indispensable 25 October 1558 Rank: 5/5
April 15
Best Single Best-Of CD to date Rank: 4/5
November 22

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