Sony needs to detention

Sony needs to detention

Sony PS3 Wireless Controller Black (Accessories)

Customer Review

A week ago, I bought the PS3 Starter Pack and thus came into the possession of wireless PS3 controller.

As the owner of several consoles, including the XBox360 and PS2, I have a good comparison with other controllers.

The PS3 controller does not differ at first glance by the visually familiar PS2 controller. The workmanship is on a good level usual, nothing rattles. However, it soon becomes clear that this is to a different controller. First, of course, falls the lack of connection cable for connection to the console, as well as the centrally located, newly added, "PS" button, which is required among other things to make the connection between controller and console. At the front signal lights 4, which number was assigned to the controller internally. Also here a USB port located in order to charge the battery of the controller on the PS3 can.


Here differences for PS2 controller to clear quickly. The PS3 controller is very easy, almost too easy. Because this is probably due to the lack of rumble motors. The analog sticks are higher, the thinner shaft. This is the control for my feeling a bit spongy character, without undermining road precision. This again for clarification. The controller precisely controls, the thinner shaft of the analog stick allows this for my feeling spongy erscheiner. I like the slightly higher resistance and "firmer" seat, the PS2 controller provides analog better.

The controller can be charged at the PS3 while playing via USB cable. What sounds great, is the cropped length to 1.5m charging cable but rather a torture. To ensure that this goes as Sony thinks that you have during the game already zoom back almost with his nose to the screen (I'm assuming that many have connected the console to the TV and sit in the chair), because the cable has a larger seat pitch barely tolerated. Here will be donated to the Starter Pack or a second controller. This can be convenient and unused load while playing at the same time with 1 controller. Charging only one controller can also perform while you're not playing. Too bad that this only works when switched on the PS3 and the power consumption of the console is located in the System menu at up to 180 watts. At an average charging time up to 2 hours a fairly expensive charge of fun. Here Sony should make improvements with a future firmware and load the standby permit.

What Sony has, however, rode in the design of the L2 / R2 buttons will probably never be solved. Here Sony has shot a big buck to my mind. In deeply depressed state of one or both keys you're busy not to slip, as eg. Speeding in a racing game to control more. Also in action or role-playing games you will never get rid of the feeling of slipping every moment of this buttons. Taking the finger a little higher, to get rid of the "Abrutschgefühl", one is uncomfortable on the top of the key and also feels the great gap that opens up when you press.

At least here I have brought out my PS2 pads and connected by means of converter to the PS3. Now I can play again satisfied.

The lack of rumble feature I value neither negative nor positive, since they never played a role for me and I've been playing on the PS2 prefer without Rumble. The same concerns the Sixaxis function. For me at the time a non-issue.

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