Sony RX100 vs Canon G1X

Sony RX100 vs Canon G1X

Sony DSC-RX100 Cyber-shot digital camera (20 megapixels, optical zoom 3.6x, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, fast aperture. 28 - 100 mm zoom lens F1.8 - 4.9, Full HD image stabilized) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Become the many smuggling idle, I had my D-SLR a few months ago replaced with complete lens Park by a compact model, by the Canon G1X. Compromising image quality, I did not want to go and I did not have to, because the G1X is superior in this respect even my then Nikon D7000.

The only shortcoming of the G1X, namely the lack of macro ability and partly a little sluggish response moved me to get involved with the Sony RX100, of which one hears so much good.

First Impression:
The Sony RX100 fascinated because of their small size and presents you with a great feel. Particularly handy but it is not there. Since I deal seriously with the subject of photography, I possessed no small camera more. The RX100 offers also a comfortable operating concept and a very successful menu navigation.

Technology, image quality and functionality:
But the initial enthusiasm was somewhat dampened when I created a comparative series of images under identical conditions and compared on a calibrated monitor.

To make it short, the RX100 is an excellent camera, but with SLRs or Canon G1X the just can not keep up. The sensor of RX100 is actually much greater than that of any other compact cameras, except for the Canon G1X provide that a three times larger sensor area (equivalent to APS-C) provides. Thus, the noise performance is on an entirely different level. Due to the higher speed of the lens, the Sony comes out with significantly lower ISO sensitivity, at least in the initial focal length. But in the 100% view shows that the Canon at ISO 1,600 rushing a lot less than the Sony at ISO 800th

Worse still, and this is the most glaring weakness of the RX100: Dark shadows drown mercilessly. Here, the Canon shows a very different behavior. Where in the Sony just a black mud can still be seen, shines the G1X with fine details and great tracing. While the RX100 has a feature for improving the dynamic range, but the effect is too weak. Also, exposure compensation does not improve here.

By exposure and color reproduction, there are also differences. The Canon G1X requires less intervention in the exposure and reached without corrections a very consistent and neutral color reproduction. The Sony tends somewhat to underexposure and often generated a little too dark images - but what can be avoided by exposure as a photographer.

A plus for the RX100 is the option rather than sRGB to use the Adobe color space. Thus, it is the only compact camera that offers this possibility. At least that no other compact model is known, that offers the Adobe RGB color space. However, this is only relevant for shooting in JPEG mode. Since I shoot primarily in RAW mode, I can even with the Canon G1X use the extended color space, if necessary.

Lens & focal length range:
By focal length range, the Sony RX100 and the Canon G1X hardly differ: 28-100 mm has the Sony 28-112 mm Canon. Due to the significantly higher resolution you but effectively achieved at the Sony more telephoto, which can be seen very well in the 100% view of the images. Nominally, the Canon lens on the part of the luminous intensity Sony counterpart hopelessly inferior (1.8 to 2.8 maximum aperture). In practice, however, this does not matter, because the Canon tolerate much higher ISO settings due to the significantly better noise performance. With regard to background blur, the two cameras take in the minimum focal length nothing (here compensates for the Canon with the larger sensor) in the Canon telephoto position has the advantage.

The optical quality of the lenses is very good. In wide-angle I can not detect any significant differences. In maximum telephoto range, the Canon is superior, despite lower resolution and sharper image more details are available.

Annoying is the lack of close focus range of the Canon. Macro shooting is not possible here. Although the macro capabilities in the Sony are limited, but compared to the Canon You can here clearly points.

When image stabilization is again the Canon in leadership. Here even succeed pictures at shutter speeds of 1/4, which the Sony photographer can only dream about. This circumstance also compensates for the lack of intensity of the Canon lens.

Let's talk about lightest discipline outdoors in good weather and sunshine. In bright scenes or backlit helps Sony only merciless Fade into the region of diffraction blur. Because the maximum shutter speed is 1/2000 and only a gray filter does not exist. The Canon has this and can shoot images with the 1/4000. However, this only applies to extreme situations. Otherwise, the Sony offers at low ISO settings already because of their higher resolution clearly more image details. Since I usually format my pictures 3: 2 prefer, I have my Canon RAWs unfortunately circumcised yet, so the resolution difference to Sony is even greater. Also I have to consider when designing the framing before shooting always so. Since Sony is simply more comfortable.

The quality of the screens is at a comparable level. Both offer 3 inches with extremely high resolution. The homogeneity is good in both cases. The readability in sunlight is better at Sony, it offers the Canon with its folding / Schwenkbilschirm more creative freedom and at the same time a screen protector.

This discipline is not the strength of the Canon G1X, here pulls the Sony RX100 clearly over. In defense of the Canon you have to say, however, that focussing errors not take place virtually at the G1X. This happens in the Sony RX100 already now and then, though not often. Photos of fast-moving objects succeed with Sony in any case better as the Canon looks in comparison already made significantly worse.

In the RX100 HDR capture images from the hand, even in low light conditions, such as indoors. The Canon needed for mandatory a tripod. Due to this circumstance, the HDR function is of practical relevance only for the Sony.

Unfortunately, it's a bad habit for years to settle no more printed manual. This now affects almost all manufacturers, including Canon and Sony. Incomprehensible, however, that there is not even a reasonable Sony PDF manual. When Charger Canon is again forward because there is one supplied. By default, the Sony battery must be charged only in the camera. However you can to buy an external charger for less money, eg Bundle Star offers an interesting package of charger with 2 batteries. Finally, I would like to mention the ingenious 3D level the Sony RX100. This is really a great help! Just a pity that you can not show in any screen.

Summary of the positive and negative characteristics compared:

Sony RX100:

+ Better menu navigation
+ Better macro capability
+ In the initial focal length brighter
+ More practical aspect ratio of the sensor (3: 2)
+ Much less function exclusions in conjunction with RAW
+ Smaller dimensions and lower weight
+ Greater functionality
+ Higher speed
+ Lens Cover
+ Favorable price
+ Extended battery life
+ Adobe color space used (only relevant for JPEG)
+ HDR handheld shooting possible
- Worse noise performance
- Modest dynamic range in JPEG
- Relatively weak flash output

Canon G1X:

+ Significantly better noise performance
+ Significantly better dynamic range (in JPEG and RAW)
+ Swivel screen
+ Handier housing and less menu-heavy operation
+ Higher flash output and hot shoe
- Only the sRGB color space available (only relevant for JPEG)
HDR available only with tripod -
- Lack of macro capability
- Unfavorable sensor format (4: 3)
- Many function exclusions in conjunction with RAW
- Larger dimensions and weight (not necessarily a disadvantage)
- Loss of endangered lens cap
- Weak battery life
- Higher price

The small camera makes you feel good and pampered by good feel and a successful operating concept. In direct comparison with the Canon G1X the Sony has fewer weaknesses and is superior in many areas. But in the main discipline, the picture quality, you can with the Canon G1X or D-SLRs not quite keep up, at least not in low-light conditions. Considering, however, that the Canon G1X has three times the sensor surface of the already relatively large Sony sensor, one has to salute the performance of the RX100! Except for the Canon G1X the small Sony pulls past the entire compact competition and remain beyond even your pocket fit. The Canon G1X is considerably larger and is therefore likely to deter many prospective customers. With an SLR but definitely need not lug around more, just because he emphasizes a very good image quality.

I myself can now separate neither from my beloved Canon G1X, even from the cool Sony RX100 me. When it comes to ultimate picture quality I take the Canon. If I want to be completely unloaded on the road, I have the Sony case. Actually I wanted to limit myself to a camera. So you can see that you still have to make compromises in spite of the technical progress. But the absolutely perfect compact camera is now within reach. Let us to the next Photokina 2014 surprise!

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UPDATE 17.02.2013
I've gotten a lot of experimenting with the RX100 and various options. I use the RX100 now exclusively in RAW mode. For me, I have a perfect workflow found that virtually no means extra effort and at your fingertips via batch processing produces very good image results. The image results thus obtained are much more detailed than the native JPEGs, which produces the RX100. The flooding of the shadow areas is thus almost no longer an issue and the picture quality is almost on par with the Canon G1X. With the JPEG coordination of Sony, I'm not so happy, but what you can get out of the RAW data, is really impressive.

UPDATE June 2013
The Canon G1X I have now sold a heavy heart, with their excellent image quality. Ultimately, I had always been the "little ones" in preference, when I was traveling.

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