Sound experience pure !!!

Sound experience pure !!!

Devil Aureol Massive - Closed on-ear headphones for hi-fi fans, musicians, DJs (Electronics)

Customer Review

I got me these headphones directly ordered through the online store of the devil, and the shipping works similarly smoothly as on Amazon.
After I tested 2 different headphones Sennheiser, I was not really satisfied. Both did not sound as good. Far too little bass, treble began to hiss and 'bass-heavy' music was really only overtones heard.
The devil, everything was different. I'll try to make a list and to clarify always the same, a comparison to Sennheiser's HD448.


Very pleasant packed. The headset comes in a black cardboard box with a red and white slip. In the box it looks pretty tidy. A plastic tray contains the folded headphones and behind the plastic shell, there is another black box with cables and pocket.
Quite different at Sennheiser. Here comes the headset (for about the same price !!!) in a plastic blister packaging. It is a real cramp to bring the headphones from the package. Even worse is when one opts for a return. Securely package the headphones again is actually impossible.

Scope of supply:

The headphones are folded packed in carton. Furthermore, there are 2 different cables included in the package. A twisted stretchable cables and a very long straight through cable. The wire size is really good for this price category. Cable breaks should not actually happen. Likewise, a carrying case is included. The only consists of a sort of leather-imitation is but really well made. In addition, the respective cable can be pulled even on the headphones themselves. Logically, since the change should be possible for several cable types. Convenient for amplifiers; it is included also a 6.35mm screw adapter.

Quite different are the Sennheiser again. The scope of supply for the HD 448 to at least still a cable extension, a cloth bag and a 6.35 jack adapter. But that was about it. The cables are very thin, I had to fabricate a cable break after the first use fear. Just when you light the headset on iPad, the angle in which the cable bending sideways already very large.

The headphones' processing:

Devil has really done a gloss work here. And since it does not matter that there is a Chinese brand. (Apple devices are also manufactured in China) Summing up these headphones for the first time on, you will soon see that it is slightly heavier. But that does not stand out negatively and suppressed not even when wearing. The earpieces are equipped with a leather-imitation (Yes, he has also tasted no small fortune) covered, as well as the headband. The material is very pleasant to the touch. It is only very minimally warmer when the headphones on her head has (which is normal). Very handy, I find the Einklappfunktion, and that the ear cups can be rotated through 90 °. A carrying in your pocket is therefore nothing in the way. And you need not be afraid that as soon breaks something. The protective pad before the actual speaker is also relatively strong. The ears thus not sit on the hard material on behind.
And again the comparison to Sennheiser. Well, you probably already noticed that I was not really convinced. Again, he is weakening again. But the headset was really pleasantly light. Unfortunately, you could see this property as well as in the quality of workmanship. The ear cups and the straps are covered with a relatively thin 'rubber-fabric'. This holding does not guarantee very long. The remaining materials are just not very high. Rotating the shells are only to a very limited angle.

The headphones' sound

I'll take it this straight to the point. WOW !!!!
It's madness what resounds for a print out of these headphones. You can really feel like they vibrate slightly when it is something bassy. This is nowhere a scrape or humming sound. The complete Tön stays clean. The heights are only minimally swallowed. But that disturbs less, because they have no chance to hiss. The devil is really fun to exhaust the equalizer times and times to set a bit more bass than usual. Regardless of which source is heard. It always sounds really good. I'm here once a small test set-up and compare the Show with the

iMac 2011:
Sound is really very good play. As written above, the sound is clean and undistorted. With iTunes
Equalizer so you can still bring out the finishing touches.
The Sennheiser here was to hear a consistent overtones. No song has been played back without interference.

Even with the off Equalizer is enough bass available to not move into 'Tinny'. The songs
sound very realistic. Enough heights are also perceive.
Is quite different with the Sennheiser. Just because the iPad is a user-defined equalizer missing, all songs sounded just flat.

Onkyo TX-SR308 amplifier:
The best source to listen to music. Wonderfully clear bassy tones. Prevents distortion perceive. Also HD material is simply fun. A Bluray DTS Master Audio and Dolby True HD is really a dream. You think you is part of the action. Quite minimal you can make a room sound. Although here already stereo completely sufficient.
Here the only plus point is recorded at Sennheiser. This sounded really good here. Although again a little flat, but much better. Unfortunately, the headphones are not meant for continuous use on the amplifier.

So, I hope I'm buying one or the other a little easier with this. But who really wants to spend too much money on a 'On-Ear' headphones, the need for easy access here. The headset is his money more than worth it.
ATTENTION: devil has often offer weeks. I am told that these headphones cost then about 20 less.

PS: Also I can also recommend the devil Aureol Groove. This is the In-ear version of Aureol series. The cost the same as the big sound but almost as good.

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