(Standard and Latin) For parquet dance school but also ideal for your living room!

(Standard and Latin) For parquet dance school but also ideal for your living room!

Chartbreaker for Dancing Reloaded 2005-2007 (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Not without reason did our dance teacher, in which we take private lessons that we get him this CD. We had time not too long ago taken once in a dance lesson, because we waltzes to the rhythms of "I Belong To You" times and wanted to lie down mainly to a brisk Cuando Volvera Cha Cha Cha. And indeed it was worth it, at home to practice with this CD and then to swing in a larger space and in fuller volume when dance teacher to the hips. We enjoyed it very inspired.

The songs have been properly re-arranged professionally. The rhythms can be heard out very clearly and they go immediately into the bloodstream and in the legs also gets you served songs that have an imprinted in recent years as a true hit in the ears. The dance versions of popular songs can partially compete with the known versions and the original singers but not all. That does not detract from the dance fun but because everything is very professionally done and you finally surrenders the dancing and not the music or singing talents alone. This too is certainly a matter of taste and everyone will discover other songs for themselves. The booklet of the CD is very narrow and does not have much more to offer than the back of the CD: Title, dance style and length. But more, I do not ask. The main thing for us was the indication of their dances; We now know immediately which the dance right for each title is. Overall, we inspire more than two thirds of the total forty-two titles so correct and that we consider to be a good cut. Therefore, the purchase has paid off for us in any case.

Finally, a compilation of a few of our favorites:

CD1: Nina (Samba); Cuando Volveras (Cha Cha Cha); Femme Like You (Cha Cha Cha); And if a song (Rumba); Shine On (Discofox)

CD2: I Belong To You (Langs waltz.); Do not Close Your Eyes (Langs waltz.); Hurt (Langs waltz.); Stop (Viennese Waltz); Where Do You Go To My Lovely (Viennese Waltz)

Conclusion: Really good hits are here to even better dance music for standard and Latin dance. We know from experience that this varied CD is not only suitable for the dance floor in the dance school, but also very well make you dance in your living room. We will certainly watch / listen other CDs from the original smash hit series if all issues of Chartbreaker series can keep us from 2005-2007 with? We will see. Anyway, clear recommendation for Chartbreaker CD 2005-2007!

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