Standard work on William of Ockham

Standard work on William of Ockham

William Ockham 2 Vol Set: Publications Medieval Studies (Publications in Medieval Studies) (Paperback)

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In section 18 of the second volume, the renowned researcher dealing critically with the concept of causality, esp. With the efficient cause (efficient cause, efficient causality) in Ockham. It is a misunderstood part of his philosophy. She writes: "Ockham's views about efficient causality are among the most misunderstood parts of his philosophy Widely On the one hand, it is said that he anticipates the empiricism of David Hume by reducing causality to Observed correlations and by denying us any a priori causal. Principles. On the other, he is charged with occasionalism and skepticism about our knowledge of Particular causal connection. What contemporary scholastics deplore, modern empiricists applaud. All Of These interpretations distort Occam's real position, however ".

At the end notes McCord Adams, that Ockham's views on the efficient cause are far less empirical than is commonly assumed.

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