still in beta

still in beta

Battlefield 4 - Deluxe Edition (Exclusive to - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

Dear Players,

nachunzähligen patches and promise that the problems are fixed I write my Rezenion. It's just sad what has become of the BF series.

An underground Netcode with input lag, low-refresh rate and poor programming should be eigentich the death of every shooter. Not so with Battlefield 3 and 4. Each player it has already happened that he, although a long time is in recovery, can still be met. The games were in 1999 already much better and is a very frustrating problem.
2. Supplement dated 03.04.2014. Yesterday an official post from DICE was veröfentlicht that the problems should be resolved comprehensively Netcode. Also own server to be tested with an increased tick rate! Finally a step in the right direction!

The many crashes are unfortunately still present. While many problems have been fixed, the same train new serious problems have arisen. I refer to the currently programmed Panzerbug in which you can not shoot at best, at worst equal to crashing the entire game. This is simply unacceptable for a so-called antes AAA game.
1st Supplement: The Panzerbug was now fixed, at its inglorious job as currently the most annoying bug of error to the port has been programmed 3659.

Thanks to the questionable release policy by EA, to enter the market by all means before Call of Duty, the image of the series was sustained destroyed.

At the end of my request:

It's scary what will players now sells us the full price. is unfinished products where Patch orgies already ahead of the law and be accepted. Therefore:

- No reservations - you buy a pig in a sack and loses the only lever that can really have an effect - your money!
- Wait first independent tests that reveal the remaining problems
- Buy only when the game is in a playable condition

I know that is difficult, no later than the first trailer of Battlefield 5 but it is höchte time to save this magnificent series!

Actually very good, but ... Rank: 4/5
April 12
Hammer, we had not reckoned with Rank: 5/5
December 10
Nickel 36 Rank: 5/5
June 19
Pouch 2 cd Rank: 3/5
September 20

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