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Reckless (30th Anniversary 2 CD Deluxe Remaster) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

What more could you review with an album that is already published exactly 30 years ago? Usually nothing. Summer of '69, Run to you or Kids Wanna Rock are pioneering history and have long since found its way into the Hall of Fame. So, no big words more about Reckless lose?

But on the contrary! For Bryan Adams has his most famous album, released on November 5, 1984, not only with old companions like Bob Clear Mountain and Jim Vallance remastered launched, as a kind of re-re-release. He has the 30th Anniversary Edition also added seven previously unreleased bonus tracks. And to this must fall and the eyes and ears shopping. Especially on the eponymous title Reckless, who was at that time, curiously, not immortalized on the album because he had failed to deadlines. Unfortunately for Reckless, because this song would have been back then certainly a hit.

But the other six tracks are short blast! I could well imagine that one or the other piece of it is still writing over the years history, for example, the up-tempo piece Too hot to handle or straighte rockers The Boys Night Out. Looking back, we must recognize: Pure madness, which the then 25-year-old Adams has shaken since light hand in summer '84 in the studio out of his sleeve. A raw diamond according to the other. And still as beautiful rock. And yet so far away from these many cuddle ballads, which he wrote in later years. Perhaps plays Adams of these bonus tracks or so the other tracks on his tour in December. For example, draw the line, or just too hot to handle.

Oh, how one would have wished that Adams would have published these pieces from me along with his brand new song She knows me on a separate CD, instead of Tracks of My Years, where he has amuses to tired old classics. Which would have brought real sensation.

The Deluxe Edition also contains a memorable live performance by Bryan Adams in London's Hammersmith Odeon in April 1985 which proves what a fantastic live musicians and is Adams.