Suitable for almost all D-Cell mags

Suitable for almost all D-Cell mags

Mag-Lite ASXD036 Leather Belt ring for D-cell flashlight with packing tables leather loop and snap (tools)

Customer Review

When we speak of standard accessories for Mag-Lites, there are around the belt ring almost no drum rum come. Mag-Lites are already in the "smallest" version of the D-Cell, the 2D Cell, anything but easy to handle and suitable for handbags.

If it's all about handiness, so there are lots of little alternatives. If you ask however for light output, beam width and light duration, one soon realizes that there are many arguments in favor of the Mag-Lite. The only real problem that transport capability is achieved by this leather belt ring.

A rich collection of Mag-Lites, which have accumulated in us over the years (partly already older than myself), I could test the belt ring on the different types and concluded that the belt ring (almost) universally applicable is.

Test with the 2D-Cell:
The 2D Cell, is the youngest, the D-Cell family. With only 2 D batteries both their weight, as well as its length is minimal. And that makes for the ideal companion for the belt ring.
In particular, the larger Mag-Lites pull hard and one side of the belt. When fast movements you get to do it with the fear that the belt ring pulls. Not so with the 2D Cell. Rapid movements (short sprints, longer jogging) can be carried out without problems. Even mild jumps coped the belt ring with no visible easing of the closure.
The hit on the thigh by the handle is not perceived as particularly annoying during normal walking. Especially for long marches or outdoor use the 2D-Cell is therefore the ideal choice.

Test with 3D Cell
For us, the 3D-Cell is the standard model. We have 4 times (3 on the cars, one in the common room). It combines both long burn time and acceptable weight.
Just the weight is deposited on the belt ring. Race is possible, but you can tell that extra weight. One notices then the handle stronger and significantly more unpleasant in the thigh. By swinging movements and the unilateral weight is clearly noticeable.
Nevertheless, it is still in a frame where you can express an absolute suitability for the belt ring, because usually you get used to after a short time to the slightly higher weight.

Test with the 4D-Cell
The 4D-Cell is the absolute maximum for my purposes. The heavier weight will depend significantly on the belt. During the race and jumping is pulled strongly to the belt. In particular, during the race, the 4D-Cell starts to vibrate properly, interfering not only in the thigh, but also in confined conditions / eg forest, pedestrian) can interfere strongly. However, the high weight interferes with the closure of a (new belt ring) hardly. Used one but an older (2 years and above), it can mean for the print button too onerous.
Here it makes sense to sometimes, when a push button is damaged, use a rivet. So you can remove the ring, not more by pushing a button, however, the ring so not rise "by mistake".

Test with the 5D-Cell
Here was the site no 5D-Cell is available. Given the test with the 4D-Cell and the 6D Cell I would but the 5D-Cell consider tend unsuitable for the belt ring. The unilateral and unfavorable localized weight load, and the long handle are rather bothersome.

Test with the 6D-Cell
The monster, almost more baseball bat as a flashlight. It makes sense as a flashlight with incredible illumination time / luminous efficiency? Yes, absolutely. Suitable for belt ring? Hardly likely.
One 6D-Cell is not suitable for the belt ring, everyone should know who had this animal before in my hand actually. The heavy weight on a narrow leather belt that pulls directly on the belt is uncomfortable. Race is very uncomfortable due to the very long handle, which suggests an almost between his legs. Jumping through the danger that the push button of the belt ring pops, is also rather unpleasant. From the risk that you lose your pants, not to mention.

If the ring is worth its acquisition? Undoubtedly.
Of course it depends on the purpose of the acquisition, but you should the smaller flashlights often have in use but occasionally need your hands free or do you need a quick access to the lamps, so the belt ring is ideal.
The risk of the plastic in the winter / when it's cold is brittle, I now never could find to. Unfortunately, it is still in frequent / heavy use of the ring to problems with the Drrckverschluss, but which can be replaced for example by a rivet.

Since the advantages outweigh the disadvantages clearly, I can forgive 5/5 star with a clear conscience.

Doffing Rank: 5/5
August 18
Big sound, "small" price Rank: 5/5
May 24
Ideal. 14 67 Rank: 5/5
April 3
One pump and it goes again Rank: 5/5
December 30
stylus 7 Rank: 5/5
April 1

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