Super Car Bluetooth Transmitter

Super Car Bluetooth Transmitter

[Latest Version] VicTsing® Car Kit Bluetooth FM Transmitter Wireless san Radio Communication Adapter Kit with Car Handsfree calls handsfree, Music Control, and Charging Port for iPhone 5S 6More 6 May 4 5C 4S iPod, Cell Phone and Android, the MP3 Players and Other Devices (Electronics)

Customer Review

See video on This product comes in a small plastic bag. It includes the unit into two pieces and an instruction manual in English only. The base unit plugs into the cigarette lighter and we just ask them the transmitter.

It blinks once to pair it with the smartphone. We choose a free radio station on the car then it connects with the transmitter remaining long pressed the next track button and then rule with previous or next track by short clicks. Once these stages, one can enjoy his music in Bluetooth from your smartphone. Better to put it near maximum and then adjust with the radio or with the transmitter wheel. If background noise on the frequency, which then will be reduced.

At the sound, I have no complaints. It is perfect. In the Nantes area, I use the 90.4 successfully. When you travel, it will take against by change frequency because no beach remains unoccupied throughout France. In addition, you can take calls. I have not tested this function completely but the idea off the transmitter power is great because you can then approach his mouth for a better understanding of the interlocutor. It certainly does not equal an integrated Bluetooth system but it helps out. It's more practical and, above all, this system will not be prohibited by the new law which will come into force on 07.01.15 that prohibits headsets. Evil side, we note the presence of a USB port to charge your smartphone while driving.

Finally, we stop there a good product that allows even the SD card reading. The buttons are intuitive and the idea of ​​an autonomous transmitter that is recharged while driving is excellent. This is a serious alternative for all car radios without Bluetooth. The value for money is simply excellent (less than 30 at the time of this writing).

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