Super phone !!!  1 1

Super phone !!! 1 1

2014 HTC One (M8) Unlocked Smartphone 4G (Screen: 5 inches - 16 GB - Android 4.4 KitKat) Silver (Electronics)

Customer Review

Since the time I order at AMAZON, this is the first time I issue an opinion, shame on me I know because I'm the first to read reviews before buying anything.
I am premium amazon, so free shipping in 1 business day. Having the habit of regularly book with AMAZON, it comes back to me downright cheaper and more quickly delivered hyper, 1 day only!
I ordered this phone on a Friday, I had to receive the next day before 13:00. I check the status of my order to 16h00 and I see shipped. I say great, strongly tomorrow I go to retrieve the relay point (it is better to engage in a relay spot if you are sure that you will put the driver a notice without even rang at you, it m ' Too often to finally stop making me deliver my house).
In short, I look again at the stroke of 6:45 p.m. ET there I realize that predated chronopost after 7:00 by putting "delivery postponed to next Monday" !!! enraged, I decide to call AMAZON immediately responds and tells me it's not normal and it (it was a lady, super nice) will call them, lack of skin they have already finished the day Chronopost in offices. She decides they emailed me and presents his apologies and promises me to do everything including to talk to its leaders.
The next morning around 9:00 am I look chronopost followed and there miracle! it is being delivered to my point relay! Thank you nice lady from AMAZON !!! and I received the same day.
If like me you have problems with transport, please call AMAZON, in addition it is the price of a local call, not surcharged like all the others!
I wanted to clarify all this because at other sites like it downright CDISCOUNT take you for the c ... s and more surcharged call and when you have problems and I was almost every time. I will not order from them since I tested AMAZON in whom I now completely trust.
Anyway, I'm not going to write a novel, this is my return for this phone (I said that I had before the Samsung Galaxy S4:
- A great screen, beautiful color and the touch is very responsive, better than my S4
- I find almost the same weight, it is just a little bigger
- A great sound for a phone, I could not believe it! at least it has 2 speakers and front not like the S4, which has only one and behind and more sizzle to death, while the HTC One M8 even at bottom, it does not sizzling at all !
A silicone case comes with, even if it is not super pretty, it protects the pending buy another, and for now it suits me fine
- The overlay HTC SENSE 6 that has nothing to do with the damn samsung layer, and more, Samsung are constantly updates their software they can not fire unless you are ROOTE, it m ' excited and it eats the battery!
- Speaking of the battery, the M8 to an effective super economy mode, it's simple for me it takes two days and a half hours without recharging, it make me so funny because when I see my S4 not even held not the day! plus it has a mode of extreme energy saving which means that when you go below a percentage of battery you have set, it cuts all but calls and sms and that's just great! You may say that there are android application that exist for that well I answer you that I tried in one package for my samsung S4, y is none that comes close to that of HTC. I just managed to shoot a battery on my samsung!
- Regarding photos, I almost never take my phone, it's just in time, I'd much rather use my camera, but frankly, it makes good pictures this phone, if you want not print poster or watch photos on a big screen, it is perfect, in addition, it has lots of nice little trick thanks to its second dorsal camera. And the views are much easier to do that with my S4 foiraient in the middle of the socket, I had to go slowly and yet I ended up abandoning the idea of ​​making one.
- I find it super class, with this silver finish! nothing to do with samsung plastics, there are plenty of people around me who want to buy it then when I had the S4 nobody wanted.
If you want a phone that slap, if the size (which is almost that of the S5 in height, width because it is smaller) does not scare you, so shoot with your phone is occasional and if you are fed up of recharging your phone every half-days, go there, go for it is great !!!
AMAZON and thank you especially to this nice lady I had the phone Friday, December 26 around 18h45 !!!

HDD enclosure for 2.5 inch Rank: 5/5
March 14
perfect for my xperia z 3 compact Rank: 5/5
October 30
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January 15
Corresponds to the description 1 1 Rank: 4/5
December 28
November 20
read! 115 1 Rank: 5/5
January 14

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