Super price / quality ratio, although some kinks

Super price / quality ratio, although some kinks

Spirit Of Gamer Advance gaming mouse USB 2400 dpi Black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

I bought this mouse after my investment in a tower "gamer" because my old mouse was not very suitable for gaming (logitech classic 20E).

I really hesitated to buy it, but what decided me was the price: for 15, it takes too much risk (and especially I have much in after mounting the turn!).

The first surprise at the reception was its design:
Much less "cheap" as in the picture, and above all, less round than it seems. Indeed, the red buttons stand out well on black / gray, but without making it ugly. The small "drawing" on the back lights up when plugged in, nothing dexceptionnelle, but it's nice.
In contrast, the small arrows to / behind the wheel are a bit too "stickers" to my goùt ... nothing major though.
The slip is present only under the shoot, which is enough (eg not to slip on the buttons).
Finally, the matte coating the top of the mouse is very nice, especially the view that touchder and not at all messy.

Regarding buttons:
- The buttons on the side require a little time to adapt to the thumb not pressed, but they are placed in the end just right (I'm MOBA player, and use a spell that's not on purpose not terrible!)
- The sensitivity adjustment: no complaints, I use the profile 2 or 3 depending if I'm surfing on the internet or on games that do not require a big dexterity, otherwise the FPS type games it may be useful to have a better sensitivity. The button does not interfere at all where it is placed, you really get him to press it (without one does not change profile in action, usually!).
- The wheel: the little black point of this mouse, as she whines very quickly! (And other reviews seem to join me on that). However, it is notched as it should, although it be not what he did there best in the genre of FPS to change weapon.

Finally, the biggest downside for me, which previously had a wireless mouse, so the cable. However it is very well finished (coating "fabric", and he has a good length, which should not bother those who are used to it.

In conclusion:
This mouse a SUPER quality / price ratio. I've had five months, and for the moment, apart from the squeaky wheel a little bit and some aspects of "cheap" (well at this price you can not really call it a fault), it is really great for someone not wanting to spend $ 50 in a mouse that he does not know what will comfort or durability.
I strongly advice!

PS: Top games to give you an idea:
Hotline Miami, Rogue Legacy, Age Of Empire II (yes!), League of Legend, Brütal Legend, Borderland, Unreal Tournament, Nexuiz, Terraria, Raw Saints, GTA, Portal ... the mouse is suitable for any style of play, and that's good!

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