Super product, hair stays in shape and is still maintained by the way together with scalp ...

Super product, hair stays in shape and is still maintained by the way together with scalp ...

Sweet Georgia Brown Hair Dressing Pomade (RED) 114 g


(Personal Care)

Customer Review

Caveat: I can do no great comparisons with other pomades, because I myself am beginner.

Previously, I used hair gel, let's see if I temporarily umsteige again in midsummer.
I have very thick and dense hair. Since my old gel was no longer produced, and I was not happy with the newer versions, I have read me a bit and am so met with pomade. The cares and protects the hair, provides support while also giving the scalp is mitgepflegt. The Sweet Georgia Brown (red) has been recommended as much Einsteigerpomade to see how to cope with it at all. The Umstiegt is already not without, suddenly there is less and more of the look and feel head changes.
While I could always feel the gel layer with gelled hair and previously this also - if you occasionally by hand runs his times through his hair - leading to unsightly gel dandruff, it is quite different here. Immediately after application, the hair feeling greasy (Pomade is yes in principle from oil / grease and wax) on - After cooling, this will change a little bit, then it feels more like a very thin layer of wax.
The hairstyle has adopted in gel times (eg. In case of rain or because you are too often driven by hand through his hair) can nachkorregieren at Pomade again. The hair remains easy to comb. Is generated by friction heat of the palms and then passes through the hair, can reshape even up to a certain degree.

The application is also a bit strange: Instead of massaging before an almost walnut-big dose of gel in his hair, all it takes is here now significantly less. I test grade even with the amount, but I think it will be anywhere between peanut and hazelnut size. So a can is therefore very economical and extends a lot longer than a tube of gel.
I take a little pomade and then rub with both palms, they quickly learn how to warm their hands. Then it .. rub neat from her hair, put a little in advance in the form.
The hands feel then so on, as if one had to grade creamed with a fat cream. Then release the hands with soap Wash (do not want to comb hair dryer and zufetten) and then it comes with comb and hair dryer on .... only a couple of times comb the hair into shape, the pomade distributed already part enigermaßen well. Then it comes with a hair dryer and hot air again to the same procedure. The hair shines then very invigorating and can easily bring / put in the form / comb. Then, if necessary. Again drüberfönen careful with the cold air level, so that the pomade hardens again. The glossy leaves after minimal. It has a "natural" feeling on his head and not look as if it were a thick solid layer on the outer coat.
While I still felt the hair as greasy on the first day, I think it is now more pleasant shiny, slightly gelled as fresh ...
For me it lasts all day on good form (Undercut with about 7cm long hair -> grows even longer :)) Nachgekämmt is only when needed, when it is very windy outside or I come by NEN rain ...

Of course, these are - as mentioned many times - to a fairly soft pomade. That is to estimate the amount and get used to the slightly different processing way also very convenient. But a soft pomade can also be only one certain support .... Whoever comes rather from the field Ultra-maintenance gel, will probably feel more at harder pomades.
I for one am thrilled and have the same ordered me two more pomades for testing: once the blue version of Sweet Georgia Brown and once the Murrays Superior for strong hold - alone in order to test, in which hardness I feel most comfortable :)
On the web there are many instructions for DIY-pomade from olive oil and beeswax (and possibly essential oils) that I will someday, try sometimes, but first I want to know how firmly the homemade pomade to be :)

From my side, a clear product recommendation for Pomade beginners - but you should (and as I look at so many negative review I've read) and be prepared to experiment a bit and do not simply NEN dab of pomade and cut into your hair - and not expect miracles. This pomade is not as strong as Ultra-Strong Hair Gel. Those looking for or needs something, should probably just try a hard pomade. Reclining hairstyles go all male, special styles with partly standing (long) hair I would not trust this pomade.

The hair feels after washing out the pomade very soft and healthy. Previously, I often had the feeling to keep dry straw in the hands ...
This pomade leaves wash out very easily. With me is enough a unique normal einschampoonieren from to min. To get 95% of the pomade from the hair.

Oh yes: The smell ... can it really hard to describe ... a bissl vanilla-like, but it is not pure vanilla. I was the smell not so much reminiscent of Bonerwachs or gum from the 70 / 80s, but that's a subjective feeling anyway.
Immediately after blow-drying the smell is very strong and noticeable also during the morning comes every now and then such a little good-smelling breeze from hair, for lunch / afternoon out I take the less and less true.
I feel the smell very pleasant even in the morning and still discreet enough.

(Too bad, I wanted to subsequently upload another photo, so you get a sense of how greasy / oily hair looks when the pomade is cured. Unfortunately, the subsequent uploading impossible :()

*** How long enough so a can? ***
So, I did not want to formulate again as an afterthought, but here an experience worth to me:
I've been using the product now good 3 months, with some days interruption (during which I've tested other pomades) but also with different use, so I have some - for example, when it again went out after exercise - for a second time in the day pomade applied.
According to current estimates, the can is so slow half empty, this results in an estimated useful life of about six months - what the price into perspective somewhat.
I beg to be seen as a rough guide This information, of course, since it greatly depends on how often you use the pomade and how much you can use per used (Note: As in other reviews already stated: In Pomade NOT true "Much brings much "). Still, I thought to myself that you can use this benchmark well to times so rude to compare over the thumb - especially for those far not use pomade and the price would like to compare times with your own Lieblingsgel.

-> Update
Now I realize it myself quite clear: The longer the hair, the more pomade is needed to bring everything in shape and keep. I use the pomade now good four months and the bottom of the can is slowly visible. I still want to be a bit further grow my hair, I would now assume the early / mid-June, the can is empty at the latest - that corresponds to me a useful life of about 5 months - in other words a little less than my original estimate. Here you can see how much influence does the daily amount of the total consumption. Depending on the quantity (or, depending on the hairstyle and hair length) I would estimate that to get there between 4 to 7 months with a socket.

*** *** Addendum
I've been using the product now for almost 1 month or am still as enthusiastic as before. In the meantime, I have also tested the blue Sweet Georgia Brown and Murray's Superior.
Compared are the considerably harder already in the can. Still, I find that you can see the good, even without the warm up beforehand with the hair dryer. When applied to the hair, the hardness makes then already noticeable - where, although there are more unusual resistance, but this is not necessarily unpleasant - but is rather unusual.

Also in this product (the red Sweet Georgia), the hair holds very stable shape. Even after 1.5 hours. Intensive sports training is almost everything still as it should.
Only if you frequently hand sweeps through the hair, it can ever be that a few hairs lose their position.
But is not a problem, since one can nachkorregieren anytime.

The hair itself feels - when you get used to the Pomade - very smooth and soft to the touch. Even the next morning, the hair is again (to some extent) get in shape - and apply without hair dryer and no new pomade (but simplifies both the whole enormous). For emergencies it comes with warm the appropriate places with their own hands ...

Only at very strong winds it may happen that the hair (now there are 9 cm) is blown. I guess that would be the blue and the Murrays still offer a bit more maintenance since - but the circumstances have I not yet allow this test.

Meanwhile, you can also see the fertility of this product fairly well: Despite daily use (with the exception of a few days, where I have the other pomades angetestet times) is only taken out of the box very little. We see a small trough (on one side of the can at the edge) - without question, but the can, I would still describe as fully.

*** Addendum 2 ***
It seems that by the 9cm is the magic in a hair length. Meanwhile, I realize how during the days of gravity gains the upper hand and brings the hair gently from the mold. So far, it is still acceptable to me, but I think I probably soon switch to a harder Pomade - or must carry a comb with me ...
I currently known around a bit on the amount, so that the hair is not too oily looks everywhere but still has a good grip ...

*** Addendum 3 ***
It's kind of weird, but I have to revise my previous statement. Do not know why the hair was as stubborn, now I'm at about 12 cm length and it makes no more problems - not even in hot weather (just below 30 ° C in the Canaries). Maybe it really was only because of the less than perfect amount I've taken ...
For the harder pomades I need less overall when it comes to the amount - this is just as Info alongside)

I hope my review was helpful to you and may have contributed to your purchasing decision. For me it would be helpful if you rate my review accordingly as "helpful", which helps me to improve my writing style and the range of information and if necessary supplement. Own reviews.
For any questions you like to use the comment function or ask your question in general about the product, I do my best, timely respond. Constructive criticism is always welcome;)

Very good 10 1 Rank: 3/5
June 23
Top Brand 1 Rank: 5/5
December 1
Guitar Interface Rank: 5/5
July 24
Possibility of change Rank: 4/5
March 16

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