super team with the Canon 5D Mark III

super team with the Canon 5D Mark III

Sigma 85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM Lens (77mm filter thread) for Canon lens mount (Electronics)

Customer Review

I use the Sigma with a Canon 5D Mk III for about 2 weeks and am thrilled.
We have for some time, the Sigma 50 f1.4, but not quite rankommt the quality of the 85ers.

I have the 135 F2 and the 85 f1.8 considered, but after a few tests at the dealer, I realized that my 135mm demand from too much distance that you have inside buildings not always. I'm going to sooner or later define this part yet, because it's just wonderful for outdoor portraits and even sport.

The Canon 85 1.8er is an ingenious lens for medium budget, but because I had always been planned more, I could not stand :) and have the Sigma taken. The Canon 85 f1.2 is due to the cost does not even questioned.

We also have the 100 Macro Canon without IS. This brings a nice bokeh, is very sharp but is just one-fourth as bright.

But now the Sigma 85 f1.4!

Clear the autofocus is not the fastest, but this magnificent portrait lens is not well made.
He sits very constant, which is also due to the 5dm3 but.
Although I stopped down to F2 hammer out some crisp, clear shots of running around children and dogs playing, but this I use rather my 70-200er because I pick up the object with 200mm in landscape mode and can attach to 70mm when approaching me until I in Change the Vertical.

Minimum distance:
I can connect me only that you sometimes do not get close enough Ran comes with 85cm minimum distance, but either I croppe something or use Macro spacer. So that's not the problem.

Depth of Field:
Everyone is initially constantly play with f1.4
- That I advise you to a ND filter. Otherwise you are during the day fast at 1/8000 shutter speed. - Especially if you also want to underexpose a little, so that the highlights do not get too burned out.

But what more the "problem" is, the depth of field is really very low. - Do not get me wrong! for we holn us as a glass)
You have to get used to it ... and has up to f2.8 or 3.2 is still a beautiful bokeh and so gets the anterior and posterior eye at a slight tilt of the model in the Focus.
According to my mobile app DOF Calc are at 1.8 m spacing at f2.8 even 7,25cm depth available - unlike f1.4 where there are only 3,62cm. These are merely numbers, but you will quickly guess that you do not always need to fully exploit the f1.4 and also can not.

Image Quality:
In the center the glass is completely open very sharp and contrasty, while the outer corners vignetting still relatively strong and provide little resolution. So I like the person at portraits. Otherwise, the vignetting is corrected with a single click in Lightroom. Similarly, the chromatic aberration that should correct for color images in LR, because it is quite striking in the places of high contrast. This makes it suitable for the high-speed lenses.
Flares now I could not make up. Either it is because the glasses are really paid so well, or I am not yet come into the appropriate situations.

no fehlfokus:
A back or front focus I can not determine fortunately - what could easily correct with my Sigma 50 f1.4 in the camera. The had a slight back focus.

Application fields:
For the streets photographing the 85er is limited recommended - here I prefer the 70-200er or 35mm go.
Architecture recordings I could use with very good results already. At f5.6 dimmed it is extremely sharp.

In the hand:
The feel is wonderful and on the 5D Mark III, the balance is excellent.

That the lens hood for APS-C also gets included an intermediate ring, I've noticed so far with anyone yet another lens and think it's great! At Canon, money has to be spent on a GeLi often again.

So more than happy? actually already. The chromatic aberration is already noticeable and the focus could be a tiny bit faster. But I would have deducted half a point. But this is rather design reasons and interfere with the main task of the lens barely. It produces wonderful portraits and does not need to against the twice as expensive Canon hide.

Updated on 10/15/2014 - all the best. The lens is often in use. Is already runtergepurzelt - keeps out a lot.
An APSC I could not try it still.

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