Super transport box for larger caliber

Super transport box for larger caliber

Stefanplast GULLIVER 3 transport box 61 x 40 x 38 cm (Misc.)

Customer Review

We got ourselves this transport box for our Maine Coon cat and are completely satisfied.

What I personally appreciate very white:
- The opening mechanism makes it possible to open the door quickly, quietly and without much hassle. That's both the vet and after the vet visit a real treat. Just simply opens the lid of the box, of which I am heavily inspired also the Streichelfach.
- To transport The transport basket very comfortable. The carrying handle is round and also intersects with greater weight not in the hand, the basket is small enough so as not to tremble when worn on the long arm against the legs, and if all else fails, can be a conveyor belt latch (including that of their own sports bag), with which you can simply relocate to shoulder the weight. Also driving in car is facilitated by the ability to back up the basket with the seat belt. This is done quickly and easily.
- If another mess for a long journey, or after an operation in the box, cleaning is straightforward pleasant. Top of the Box from, rinse in the shower, ready.
- Personally, I think it's great that the box brings only a feeding dish as an accessory and not a pillow. We always plump up the box from one of our sofa cat blankets that smell nice to us and our Fellnase.

In other reviews a few things have been noted on the I was a little worried before buying:

- Loose door that opens automatically, or even completely out of the box falls
That's what happened with us just once, as we have familiarized ourselves with the assembling with the box. Then we knew what to look for and had no more problems with the mechanism. The door is held closed by metal pins which are recessed at the upper and lower sides in recesses in bottom tray and lid. On one side of the rods are fixed to the other movable. Serves the mechanism with a plastic tab on the cage door itself. When you close the door you have to stop, make sure that the pins * in * are really the pits. Through a small pull on the door but can the check without problems.

- Fragile miniature parts
I can not confirm that. Some moving parts and the folding hinges that hold the upper part of the box, though are made of plastic, but also hold something was greater pressure. When composing the box properly, all the moving parts can be solved or fixed with little effort or pressure. It is only then all a bit sluggish when the parts sit wrong one another - which can be quickly and easily but remember correct.

I can not see any bad sides of the box and can recommend them for the transport of large and / or heavy cats very much.

Class 1 Gimmick Rank: 5/5
September 1
the best monopod walking Rank: 5/5
September 9
Good product 162 1 Rank: 4/5
July 14
A remarkable display ... Rank: 5/5
November 29
Pretty decent Rank: 4/5
June 13

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